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    How to tell balanced from unbalanced headphones?

    yes. Hifiman uses 3.5mm balanced jacks for their IEMs RE600: RE272:
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    XDuoo X3 DSD 24Bit / 192KHz CS4398 Chip Lossless Music Player

      Lucky Number Slevin!!   Thank you for the giveaway PJ. Happy holidays!
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    ability to sort long PM conversations for most recent reply

    @shotgunshane @gnarlsagan @UnityIsPower @luisdent @Cagin @mscott58 . Not you @Idsynchrono_24    I've updated the Head-Fi Modern Classic theme to address this issue.  PM threads will now autoscroll to the latest message in the thread. For the Head-fi admins/dev-team : The code for this...
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    [Unofficial Theme] Head-Fi Modern Classic: A more functional Head-Fi [Fixes bugs from the new facelift]

    New update to the theme: When a PM thread is opened, the page will autoscroll to the latest message in the thread. No more scrolling through long PM threads.    Simply update the Headfi-addon 
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    Reply to review by 'getclikinagas' on item 'Fidue A73 Hybrid Monitor Earphones with universal single button remote and microphone'

    @harry501501 I use the orange core (Sony clone) hybrid tips that come with the Titan. I also use spinfits at times. More for convenience though, as it does alter the treble a tad.   We do indeed hear differently :). Detail and separation are two parameters where I feel the Titan has the edge...
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    Reply to review by 'getclikinagas' on item 'HIFIMAN SuperMini High-Res Portable Player'

    Comprehensive and interesting review Brooko. Thank you.   PS: Correct "Approx cost" of X5 ii in the table
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    Noble Audio Wizard Savanna Giveaway!

    157890 122580 147960
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    Shanling M1: An iPod Nano Competitor / DAP || USB DAC || USB Transport || Bluetooth 4.0 + aptX || DSD

    Ouch. 149$. I probably won't buy it at that price. I do hope it will fall in the coming months.   The form factor and features of the M1 make it a unique player in its class. Comparisons to larger DAPs (at the same price) do not make sense. The only real competition is the Hidiz AP60(90$)...
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    Roll call: Indians staying in India, interested in high end headphones/IEMS

    After a long long listen, I've penned down my thoughts on the Havi B3 Pro1. Definitely one of the top 3 well-rounded-IEMs for ~60$, IME.
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    Roll call: Indians staying in India, interested in high end headphones/IEMS

    I strongly second this suggestion, especially when it comes to DAPs. (For easy to drive IEMs, the Sansa Clip is a very strong performer IMO. When I reviewed the xDuoo X2, I couldn't decide on a clear winner. My point is, do not make a decision without an audition if "better sound...
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    REVIEW Whitmor 15 section drawer box and organizer for portable IEM/CIEM/DAP/DAC storage. Soon
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    Review by 'getclikinagas' on item 'Havi B3 Pro 1 '

        Havi B3 Pro1 : Rich experience - Cheap Source INDEX(Clickable): Specifications Packaging and Accessories Build and Comfort Sound Comparisons Conclusion Some subjective drivel Useful Links   Specifications: Driver type : Dual Dynamic Sensitivity: 95 dB at 1 mW Impedance: 32...
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    Pacman (Phillip Chbeeb ; IAmMe Crew), one of the most creative choreographers around. Humble popping beginnings to intricate partnered choreo. I like this one in particular because of the clever and smooth transitions. Great track too. Headphones recommended.     Nonstop (Marquese Scott...
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    Dance, like music, is the expression of the human spirit. Dance is "visual music" - S. Janaki (Singer & composer)   So, let's enjoy and share some "visual music". I will periodically link dance videos that I've enjoyed and hope to discover more through this thread.   Rules are simple : Embed...
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    World First! Massdrop x HiFIMAN Collaboration Announcement

    You'd let them redo The Mona Lisa eh?   I would like to see that though
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    Dunu TITAN Series (new for 2019: Titan 6) [Page 196]

    From my review: Quote: The RE400/600 is a different flavor.    No experience with the 1ES.
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    Roll call: Indians staying in India, interested in high end headphones/IEMS

    The pictures @xEcuToR took are better than any I have taken so I'll just quote them here. Also, these are meet impressions, so they're as subjective as possible. What a fantastic meet. The gear to ear ratio was unbelievable. Being a fairly inexperienced when it comes to high end or even...
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    Aurisonics ROCKETS: Impressions Thread

    Tyll added this note to ljokerl's innerfidelity rockets review:   "Dale Lott tells me the move to Fender has caused realignments that prevented the Rocket from continued production, but plans remain to bring the product, essentially unchanged, back to market in the not-too-distant future."...
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    DUNU Officially the Strategic Partner of SpinFit: SpinFit Tips Giveaway (Round 1)

    Haha. I read through the rest of the thread after I posted and the keyword was quite obvious I've always struggled with the actual definition of that word, which is why I am not surprised it did not feature in my text.   Anyway, congrats to the winners. I'll be purchasing a pair of Spinfits...
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    Pow Chu Moy R.I.P

    RIP Chu Moy. Thank you for everything.  
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    MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 - $199 Dynamic Driver Flagship *Reviews 2nd Post*

      Thanks for the impressions James. It does sound like an IEM I would an extent The Ostrys to me, had substantial bass note weight but sounded a little rolled off in the sub bass(which was a niggle). The Titan 1 on the other hand had a slight midbass bump but did not roll...
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    The top bang-for-the-buck earbuds from FiiO,EM3 review recruitment is on Now!!!

    My audio journey started with my beloved Sony E818LP earbuds and it's what got me into the game. Earbuds gave way to IEMs until recently when I acquired the VE Monk and was reminded of all the good times with my E818LP. ClieOS has described the EM3 as "more 'rounded' and fuller presentation"...
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    Does anybody know the headphone on this picture?   Unless you want to know the OEM, which I do not know
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    [Unofficial Theme] Head-Fi Modern Classic: A more functional Head-Fi [Fixes bugs from the new facelift]

    Thanks for trying it Tamal . Check out the beta theme too(mentioned at the end of the OP). You may like those features too.   I just noticed that Greasyfork does provide a link to Tampermonkey, but doesn't mention Safari support. I will include a direct link in the OP. Thanks.