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  1. rbf1138

    Dignis cases

    Couldn’t find a thread about these so I figured I’d start this one off with a question: anyone ordered from Dignis before?! I just ordered a case but I found the website strange to navigate, when I checked out the site is not secure, and finally I paid with PayPal and it sort of processed my...
  2. rbf1138

    Cowon players actually limited to less than 512gb storage?

    I’d really like to pickup a P2 or R2 but the specs indicate they’re limited to 256gb sd cards. Can anyone confirm this is actually true? I’m wondering if they’d actually work with a 512gb card...
  3. rbf1138

    Want to go from a $100 DAP up to something potentially way pricier. Help!

    I absolutely love the sound of my Shanling m0, however, I’d like a better UI (should be easy coming from the tiny m0, right?). I’m pretty picky and a finicky buggy UI will annoy me. Ultimately, sound quality is the most important feature to me, though. I only use IEMs, primarily Ety Er2xr...
  4. rbf1138

    iFi Nano BL, Shanling M0 and...would I want an ES100?

    I have an iFi Nano DSD BL coming tomorrow I intend to primarily use at work with my laptop and then with my iPhone. I'm wondering if there's a way to use it with my M0 DAP? If so, how would I connect them properly? Given that I have that equipment, what would be the purpose or use case for...
  5. rbf1138

    Time to replace my Audeo PFE232s after many years of use. Help with best current IEMS for small ears

    I’ve been using a pair of Audeo/Phonak PFE232s for several years now and they’ve been great, especially as far as fit and comfort go. Having been away from here for such a long time, I’m wondering if you all can help by letting me know what in-ears are considered best-in-class in the $200-$500...
  6. rbf1138

    Help w/ replacement tubes on an ALO miniwatt N3

    This question is for a friend of mine. His ALO miniwatt N3, bought about 4 years ago just stopped functioning. He said it turns on but the tubes don't get hot and there's no sound. He's looking for the easiest replacement solution to get things working again. Help would be great! Thanks!
  7. rbf1138

    Where to buy Rhapsodio IEMs?

    I cannot find an official website to order Rhapsodio R^2's! The Rhapsodio site looks like it's not functioning or it's been abandoned. Is it still possible to find these from a reputable seller?
  8. rbf1138

    Pops and clicks on a new record

    I don't know much about vinyl, nor do I have many records but I was wondering what to do when I buy a brand new, sealed record and there are some bad pops and clicks on the first spin? Do I need to clean the record? Is it a defect? Thanks!
  9. rbf1138

    Dragonfly vs. DACport LX

    My setup would/could be as follows: Macbook Air > Dragonfly  Macbook Air > Dragonfly > Headstage Arrow amp Macbook Air > DACport LX > Headstage Arrow amp Does anyone have any advice or opinions for what the best setup would be? I'll be using both Audio Technica CK10 IEMS as well as Beyer...
  10. rbf1138

    Need optical out on a new Macbook Air

    Sold my MBP and got a 2012 Air. Still need an optical out. Looking for recommendations on inexpensive USB to Optical adapters. Something like this should do the trick, right? Any suggestions and opinions are...
  11. rbf1138

    Tell me if these speakers will go well with my Peachtree Nova please!!

    I have a Peachtree Nova, and I'm looking to take a step up from my Epos ELS3 bookshelves. I found a pair of PSB Image T6's locally for a great price,  and from what I can tell they're easy to drive. Can someone who is knowledgable in wattage, impedance, sensitivity, amplification, etc. tell me...
  12. rbf1138

    Which speaker wires do I need?

    So I'm currently using a Peachtree Nova amp with Epos ELS3 speakers. I think I want banana plugs on both ends of my wire, but I don't quite understand if I need them or not? Further, will banana plugs work on most speakers, should I upgrade to a different pair down the road? I'm looking to buy...
  13. rbf1138

    Should I buy a Peachtree Nova for the core of my audio setup?

              Basically, I currently have Grado RS-2's, Beyer DT880s, and powered desktop speakers (Audioengine 5). I also have a Litte Dot 1+ tube amp and I use a Macbook Pro as my primary source for music with a nuforce uDAC, and game with a PS3/Xbox 360. My question is, does the Nova...
  14. rbf1138

    Help on RS-1

    I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on these:   but I want to know which RS-1 version they are. The seller says he believes they are about 4-6 years old. Serial # is 3144. How will these compare sound-wise to my brand new RS2i's? 
  15. rbf1138

    Looking for small, cheap bedside speakers

    I'm looking for a fairly inexpensive set of speakers to position on either side of my bed, to play music, podcasts, or sounds to fall asleep to. I'd just like to plug my phone/ipod touch into it with an aux jack or cable into my source. Really thin, with the ability to be wall mounted is a plus...
  16. rbf1138

    Need line-out for ipod touch, 3.5 and RCA

    Looking for a fairly inexpensive line-out cable for my new Touch 4G. I guess I'd need two, one for going directly into a portable amp, and another with RCA cables for my home amp. Any recommendations? Anything decent on Amazon, even? Looking to spend under $50 for sure.   Thanks!
  17. rbf1138

    Macbook + uDAC + amp setup

    So I just got my uDAC, to be used with my MBP. I've got it outputting via RCA to my Cute Beyond amp. I'm a it confused as to how the volume should be set though. I hear a bit more "hiss" with the udac turned up high, but I've read that it and my Mac's audio should be on highest, with the amp as...
  18. rbf1138

    Fit/comfort of HD580 vs. HD600

    Can someone who has worn both extensively tell me how they fit compared to each other? Does one clamp more on the sides of the head? Do the cushions press any harder on one or the other? Are they identical?    Thanks!
  19. rbf1138

    DAC/Amp for use with a Macbook Pro and also portable players

    So, I'm currently waiting for a pair of AKG K702s to arrive, but in the meantime I want to get going on finding a good combo dac/amp for my sources.  I'd like to spend under 200, and get something that can drive the 702s and other mid-range cans (like the Beyer DT880s, for example). My question...
  20. rbf1138

    AKG K702 or Beyerdynamic DT 880

    So, I've decided to sell my Sennheiser HD 580s, as they just are to uncomfortable for me to wear for every long.  I'm going to sell them, and do a bit of an upgrade.  I think I've come down to either the K702 or the DT 880.  Senn. 595 is also still in consideration.  I have a Go Vibe 5 headphone...
  21. rbf1138

    Time to get a new pair...some opinions/recommendations wanted, as always

    So, I currently own the following: Sennheiser PX 100 Sennheiser CX 300 Sennheiser HD580 Grado SR60 Go-Vibe 5 amp I'm getting that itch, and I'm looking for some suggestions as to what might be a nice new addition to the family.I'm not necessarily looking to spend much more than I have in...
  22. rbf1138

    Question about USB DAC...

    So, I just got my Audioengine A5s. I'm currently plugging them directly from my Macbook into the speakers, or into my Go Vibe headphone amp, then into the speakers. My question is, how does a DAC, such a the Fubar II, fit into my chain/sound quality? If I buy one, would I then connect it to my...
  23. rbf1138

    Audioengine A5s have slight "hum"

    I don't know that this was there Saturday when I first hooked them up, but if I put my ear right up to the speaker, even with nothing plugged into them, and the volume on the speakers all the way down, I can hear a slight hum/buzz/hiss. What're the reasons for this? Is this just something that...
  24. rbf1138

    Desktop speaker stands for Audioengine A5 needed

    I'm trying to find some decent stands to elevate my new A5s up off my desk, not only to save desk space but also to be at a better listening height. I'm thinking about checking out Office Depot or staples even, to see if I can find something that would function both as elevators as well as desk...
  25. rbf1138

    Help with car audio

    Can anyone point me to a good car audio forum? I'm going to be getting a car for college grad, and I'm looking into putting in a decent soundsystem. Don't see a car audio forum here, but I'm sure some of you guys know of some. thanks