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  1. bluesaint

    Oppo PM-3 Vs. Denon MM400 and Oppo PM-2 vs. Hifiman HE-560

    So I was at Oppo HQ today mainly A/B testing my Denon AH-MM400 to the Oppo PM-3.  Both are in the same $399 USD cost and both have similar reviews when compared to it's competitors such as Momentum2,B&O play H6, and B&W P7.   In almost every instance that reviewed PM-3 and MM400 vs. the...
  2. bluesaint

    SONY / MDR-DS8000

    Anyone used this setup for movies? any good?
  3. bluesaint

    Took the SACDMODs plunge

    I would highly suggest the IEC as well. Powercables IMHO makes the #1 biggest difference to a decent CDP. I have a spare VD Power one for sell if your interested. I use VD Nite's power cable myself, but to me, it is worth it only because the rest of my equipment isn't cheap and can use...
  4. bluesaint

    multi-region hack for 963SA?

    I posted this in the general forum, but no one read it. Anyone know a "WORKING" multiregion hack that you actually got to work? I've tried those on the net using the 159+play command but don't work and keeps locking my player. and was warned not to do this more than 20times or else it'll lock...
  5. bluesaint

    Philips 963SA Multi Region hack?

    Hi guys, since there are tons of people with this player, how do you do it? I've tried this method, but doesn't seem to work. MR hack one for all 6: No discs in machine ! 1. The remote should be set up to control the DVD ( set-up code 0539 ). 2. Press the DVD button. 3. Press the...
  6. bluesaint

    My VD Nite snake pit cluster

    Man it's hard to make your pit look clean with both PC and IC.
  7. bluesaint

    Digital out: Optical or Coaxial?

    What would be the better choice if your DVD player had both? Which should you use for best sound? I see most cable manufactures making the coaxial type while not as much for optical.
  8. bluesaint

    Review: VD Nite vs Stealth PGS IC

    Well, i got my hands on a pair of STEALTH's PGS IC finally and compared it to my VD Nite. These retail for $2000. Here is a pic of the Stealth's: For those who missed my earlier review of the VD Nite compared to the Voodoo Reference can read it here...
  9. bluesaint

    Techno/Trance, etc, what is the best CD sonically? SACD / CD??

    As topic states, anyone have any that is good sonically. Most i've heard the recording qualities really bites the dust.
  10. bluesaint

    Review of Voodoo Reference vs VD Nites

    This is my first and foremost review of any Hi-Fi equipment, so please bare with the mediocre terms i may use or even insult the fidelity of things. With that out of the way, I had the Voodoo's for slightly over a month now and I could say i'm accustomed to how it sounds. To give you a...
  11. bluesaint

    KAS audio Interconnects

    Anyone tried these?
  12. bluesaint

    Virtual Dynamic Nite IC

    Hello, I am about to pickup a pair of the VD Nite IC's from someone local to me for around $450. What do you guys think, would it transform my current rig's performance to a higher level? I'm currently running Voodoo References
  13. bluesaint

    Grace 901 VS Emmeline HR2?

    Without factoring the bonus DAC the Grace has to offer, if we were to simply just compare the two amps, which one would be the better one for driving the music?
  14. bluesaint

    Grace 901 DAC+AMP, do you use the DAC?

    For those of you who own this unit, do you use the built in DAC or still prefer analog? I'm about to buy a Philips 963SA which has it's own DAC obviously and was wondering if i should digital out or use the DAC on the Philips if i were to get a Grace901? I cans are HD600. Also is there...
  15. bluesaint

    Philips DVD963SA From J&R, need recent order#

    Hello, I'm planning on buying this great player as reviewed by everyone. Can anyone PM me their recent order# with J&R for the $360 price? Thanks