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  1. rennwerkes

    Grado re-cabling recommendation?

    Getting tired of the long and heavy Grado cable and was wondering if there were any recommendations on someone competent and reliable? Thanks
  2. rennwerkes

    Hugo 2 WBT RCA Question

    Reaching out to Hugo 2 owners. I was wondering if WBT rca connectors will fit a Hugo 2? I'm thinking of picking up a pair of Kimber Kables that are terminated with WBT connectors. Thanks
  3. rennwerkes

    Cavalli Liquid Carbon V2 Versions?

    I just picked up a Liquid Carbon without any packing materials. Assumed it was a V2 but was wondering if anyone could confirm?. In fact, how do you tell it's a V2 for that matter? Mine looks like this one. Thanks
  4. rennwerkes

    Final Audio Heaven IV Help!

    Just picked up a used set of Heaven IV's. Amazing sound compared to some of the multi driver's that I have. But I've got a small problem. When I changed out the tips to JVC spiral dots seems as though I also pulled out one of the "filters". I'm guessing it's not necessary if I keep my ears...