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  1. Greeink

    NEW Schiit Lyr 2: Impressions

    The weight does take some time getting used too! But, I just love the sound.   Looks like I'll be making a purchase soon! I appreciate the responses David.
  2. Greeink

    NEW Schiit Lyr 2: Impressions

      Mostly the HE-500's, however I am thinking about picking up a Beyer T5P sometime in the future. I hear mostly good things with the pairing and the thought of rolling some tubes and the LISST intrigues me quite a bit. Appears I get the best of both world's really with a Lyr purchase getting...
  3. Greeink

    NEW Schiit Lyr 2: Impressions

    I appreciate the rather quick response. I've been looking through that thread and didn't come across that portion... but unfortunately didn't make my decision any easier.  Thanks!
  4. Greeink

    RIP David Bowie

    Just saw the news.. RIP :(
  5. Greeink

    how much of your music collection have you actually listened to?

    I'm pushing around 800 cds of various genres and around 50gbs of music on the hard drive. I at least give everything one listen through. My newly acquired HE-500's are keeping me quite busy. Still trying to figure how I'm going to continue to have the room for my growing cd collection. Happy...
  6. Greeink

    HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

    Long time lurker. Finally got my hands on some HE-500s.. And most recently picked up some of the FocusA pads, however the stitching between the velour and pleather isn't as neat as I was expecting. If I'm not mistaken Head Direct does indeed specify this.. but I'm debating to ask for an...
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    Your Album of the Month

  8. Greeink

    Your 5 newest CDs (or LPs)

  9. Greeink

    Help for newbie - first pair of serious cans.. Is there something wrong with my ears? :-)

    The more popular choice out of those would be the Denon, but I've been an Ultrasone fan for awhile now, though they are not much loved by a number of folks around here...   I've owned the Pro 750 for about two years now. As most headphones, they do great in many areas, but of course I...
  10. Greeink

    Schiit Asgard: Unboxing and First Impressions

    After literally running through this entire thread.. in about 5 days.. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I'll be purchasing a Asgard sometime down the road. Only a few questions:   Any thought/ expressions on the deemed setup?   Marantz CD-5004 > Schitt Asgard > Beyer Pro880...
  11. Greeink

    Matrix Mini-i Balanced DAC+HP amp

    Thanks for the quick reply, so.. It is possible.   Any word on whether I should hear improvements with the Matrix/ Marantz combo.. Using the Beyers, as well as a set of Ultrasone PRO-750's?   ... I'm attempting to decide on whether I should just splash for this DAC/AMP or rather look at...
  12. Greeink

    Matrix Mini-i Balanced DAC+HP amp

    I've been interested in purchasing a Matrix Mini for quite some time, but had a quick question...   Reading through the countless pages regarding this DAC/AMP... I can't quite figure if its possible to pair this with a Marantz-CD5004 or if I'm going to get any significant improvement over...
  13. Greeink

    HIFIdiy's mini USB DAC MK2--Also a headphone amp!

    Bump. Anyone with some experiences with the X1?
  14. Greeink

    CD player?

    Speaking of which... Has anyone seen any reviews regarding the AUNE X1? I see a lot of praise for the older models.. nothing on the newer one as of yet.   Thanks.
  15. Greeink

    CD player?

    It's a possibility.   With that being said though... Maybe I should take the hit.. and go ahead and purchase the new AUNE 24bit-192K X1 DAC/AMP, on top of my purchase of the Marentz CD5004. I should be covered in regards to using the RCA inputs on both the Marentz and AUNE.   Thus  ...
  16. Greeink

    HIFIdiy's mini USB DAC MK2--Also a headphone amp!

    I as well would like a little more feedback from the newest X1. The differences are there...  I'm in agreement regarding the looks. The new X1 looks much better.
  17. Greeink

    CD player?

    That was a concern of mine, and I would punch some numbers.. but currently I'm away from my personal listening area. I imagine my PRO750's would sound Ok sounding, and my Beyer Pro880 (250ohm)...   Is there anyway I'd be able to use my Mamba D4 with the Marantz? I'm obviously new to this...
  18. Greeink

    iBasso D4 Mamba USB fault?

    Unfortunate this does seem to be the case with this particular iBasso, as a matter mine died not too long ago.. and can only be used as an AMP. I'm still looking at my options of sending it off overseas, or just saving the cash to make another purchase.  ...
  19. Greeink

    D4 'Mamba' DAC - Issues

    I was told that it'll be a $15 charge or so, "or possibly free"..... a-l-r-i-g-h-t...? Yes, I would have to cover for shipping... but I'm not looking to spend a fortune on shipping, which I'm assuming that it will be.
  20. Greeink

    New album by my friend Sarah Krueger, give it a listen :)

    I'm rather taking enjoyment in it. Thanks for sharing
  21. Greeink

    D4 'Mamba' DAC - Issues

    Unfortunately I'm about 9 months outside the warranty, thus I will have the privilege to spend the shipping costs to China... which, as many would know, is ridiculously pricey. So, here I am looking for those who are able to do such a job - My searching endeavors have begun.   Yuck.
  22. Greeink

    D4 'Mamba' DAC - Issues

    I appreciate the reply estreeter. I'm fairly new into this world, so I wasn't aware of the common problem... What a shame. Is it something that iBasso is only to take care of? Or could I possibly find resolutions here in the states? Thanks.
  23. Greeink

    D4 'Mamba' DAC - Issues

    Bump.   I'm in the assumption that it is of  the DAC portion of the iBasso, as there is audio through portable sources, and not when connected via USB. Capacitor issue perhaps? Something blown?   Not looking to send it overseas, and be stuck with a ton of shipping charges. I'm not a...
  24. Greeink

    iBasso D2-Boa... USB-DAC dead

    I'm having issues with my Mamba D4. As noted already, the same goes with myself... never mistreated, doesn't leave my desktop. Was watching a movie, suddenly the sound just fizzles out.. and now all I get is white noise. When pairing it with my iPod, as an AMP, it seems to be working perfectly...
  25. Greeink

    D4 'Mamba' DAC - Issues

    Fellow Headfier's,   Hopefully I'm posting this in the right area, if not, moderators please feel free to move this. Anyways..I'm having some sort of problem with my D4 Mamba, just this very moment I've been using my Mamba DAC, while watching a movie. I was using my Beyers, when suddenly the...