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  1. jahierjp

    OPPO HA-1 ... impression after a while

    Hello   I have been owning the OPPO HA-1 since a couple of months, and i am pretty happy with it.   Main usage : on my desktop to listen to streaming music , from various sources : NAS/ CD, or streaming server through internet.   I appreciate the connectivity, which allows me to switch...
  2. jahierjp

    Reply to review by 'jahierjp' on item 'COWON X7 160 GB MP3 Player (Black)'

    big and a bit bulky, but sound quality is really *good*... the screen could be more sensitive, the UI sexier, etc etc... but it's basically an audio player, the storage size is huge, the autonomy is almost endless and  i can have all my records a few clics away from my finger I have owned mine...
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