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  1. whitemass

    Review by 'whitemass' on item 'Creative Labs Zen MX 16 GB MP3 Player (Black)'

    I figured I'd do an off the beaten path on a device I've had since about '09/'10! I'll keep it short. It's a simple media player capable of powering budget IEMs and things of that nature. If you ever considered getting one I'd certainly recommend something to power other headphones. The things...
  2. whitemass

    Reply to review by 'whitemass' on item 'Shure SE535LTD RED'

    Honestly, I gonna point the blame on you. IEMs from Shure have always been great, not really fragile unless you're a rough, or reckless person. I'm not saying you're doing bad for this review, but only due to the responsibility of the products damages. IEMs are always gonna be products you've...
  3. whitemass

    Reply to review by 'whitemass' on item 'Shure SE215'

    Eh, I feel your love. But as far as you enjoying these, I'm assuming you probably fell in love with their marshmallow deep warm sound, which you won't find much in their upper priced IEMs in that line. They're more for reference, and if I were to suggest you try something, who knows.
  4. whitemass

    Reply to review by 'whitemass' on item 'Shure SE425 Earphone'

    My issue with these has always been their price. And as most of my reviews show, I always stick well within the $45-$200 Range. And this is where I see these being a bit of a waste for monitoring, & on stage use. They're not precise enough, I feel that the M6 Pros I personally reviewed do a...
  5. whitemass

    Reply to review by 'whitemass' on item 'RHA T10i'

    I have too comment, it was foolish of you to think it was a bright idea to throw higher end IEMs into your pant pocket. You've gotta be a little more thoughtful, and a lot less reckless.
  6. whitemass

    Reply to review by 'whitemass' on item 'Shure SE215'

    A bit late to this discussion but the only primary reason I could think of for the loss in sound in one bud is due to you, you probably detach the cables more often than they should be. Given I do this on the IM50 a lot more than I should as a show off piece, Shure had an issue with the lower...
  7. whitemass

    Reply to review by 'whitemass' on item 'Shure Sound Isolating Earphone SE315'

    Thanks for this! I don't usually buy into the High End range, but I want a Balanced Armature Driver IEM for a risky, but cheap price to fit into my collection. So far from what I've read, your review varies from a realm of other I've watched, but is much appreciated.
  8. whitemass

    Reply to review by 'whitemass' on item 'Shure SE215'

    Eh, I can't agree... I feel the IM02, or the SE315 have more to offer. The SE215 is a good pondering point for people who want a Warm NOT Fun Sounding IEM. And I'm confused on how you got fun sound from this. It's a much more laid back piece. Fun usually is Treble with a fall off, Bass that is...
  9. whitemass

    Reply to review by 'whitemass' on item 'Abyss Headphones AB-1266'

    Funny you say this. I've had three listens with these, and I hated it. They're overwhelming in Bass, boomy, Mids feel to forwardly inclined. I don't understand how people adore these. Yes, they sound decent, and of course nothing in the Audio world is the best. But I think these need a HUGE...
  10. whitemass

    Reply to review by 'whitemass' on item 'HiFiMAN HE-400i'

    I really don't understand the reference to the HD650, I've listened to to HE-400i and don't see much relation to the sound of the headphone. The HD650 is definitely more refined in the nature of being Natural Sounding, and a bit Bass Impacted. I see the HD650 having a bit more Bass, though it's...
  11. whitemass

    Reply to review by 'whitemass' on item 'Shure SE425 Earphone'

    They are an extremely warm IEM. I noticed this after getting into the SE series. It seems the deeper you get with them, the hotter the sound sig gets, and the more odd the sound signature becomes.
  12. whitemass

    Reply to review by 'whitemass' on item 'TASCAM Professional Grade Headphones Red/Black'

    ATH-M40x Is on a whole new level compared to these. The soundstage in the review cans are lackluster. Sure, it's a cute sounding pair of cans, but they stick in the Mids. No, this isn't a headphone that's fully focused in the Lower End Range like most things in this range, and shockingly, they...
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    Reply to review by 'whitemass' on item 'EarWerkz Legend R '

    @zaibatsu What you need to understand is that people get upset. Little known to you, I also suffer from a disability. So I'm not taking full blame. Lastly, you've missed every point again, and your point still remains without direction. You need to be a more understanding person, not someone who...
  14. whitemass

    Reply to review by 'whitemass' on item 'Sennheiser HD 598'

    @defbear True, there's a Pawn Shop up the street from me that's had these over and over, the thing is, they've had the same pair come back in two years in a row. I seen them two years ago on a Christmas day for $200, since the Amazon price came to $150, they dropped them down to $135(I think is...
  15. whitemass

    Reply to review by 'whitemass' on item 'Sennheiser HD 598'

    I'd slightly agree. It's definitely #1. In Class for it's Sound Signature, I'd recommend trying the HD558( if you'd like a Warm Signature. Actually, my favorite review, the one I done comparing the both. As far as overpriced, I...
  16. whitemass

    Reply to review by 'whitemass' on item 'Pro-Ject Audio DAC Box E Entry Level DAC Black'

    One comment, without rude intention. You were aware this didn't support USB right?  This company didn't include USB until about the time of the iPhone.
  17. whitemass

    Reply to review by 'whitemass' on item 'Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Over Ear Headphones'

    Hmm, from my personal preference, I hate the Momentum. Though said! I think the Wireless version of the Momentum are fantastic, but I'm gonna make a comment that may stir up drama. They sorta have an M50 sound, the soundstage, bass, & cymbal crashes for the cans are very similar, thought they...
  18. whitemass

    Reply to review by 'whitemass' on item 'Audio Technica ATH-M2X Mid-size open-back headphones'

    Thanks, I hope this is a influence for people to buy em'.
  19. whitemass

    Reply to review by 'whitemass' on item 'Sennheiser HD 558'

    I hate to put this out, as I know there's gonna be somebody to judge. Headphones are their own personality, and will appeal to different personalities. I feel that's always something important. Otherwise, you end up picking up a headphone that doesn't shine where you want it to, then people bust...
  20. whitemass

    Reply to review by 'whitemass' on item 'Sennheiser HD 558'

    Thanks! A lot of people of here don't enjoy the way I place, or describe things in my reviews. But give me some time to investigate the Foam Mod, and I'll give you my feedback.
  21. whitemass

    Reply to review by 'whitemass' on item 'Brainwavz S0 In-Ear Headphones'

    Invest at higher prices, live longer with devices. Some audio pieces on here don't give out so quickly, nor give out at all.