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  1. nishan99

    I am looking for a sub $1100 DAC

    Hi I am looking for a sub $1100 DAC for my setup (see my signature). I need it to have: great soundstage with excellent imaging great dynamics good resolution I don't care for the feature sets, measurements or its type. I need something with a quality analog section and at least 2 analog...
  2. nishan99

    <$500 budget for an IEM

    Hi I have the BGVP DM6 and I want to upgrade them. The problems I have with them are the harshness and the hazy imaging and sound. I need something with sharper defined imaging, blacker background and smoother sound overall. The DM6 sound harsh with some tracks regardless of how much EQ I...
  3. nishan99

    Will a speaker tube preamp work with headphones and their amps?

    Hi I want to get a tube preamp for my speakers and want to use them with headphones also, will it work? The preamp in question is the Schiit Freya+ to a thx amp to the ZMF Verite. Any help will be much appreciated <3
  4. nishan99

    OTL amp budget $1000-1800

    Hello everyone. I am looking for names and recommendations for an otl amp in the price range of $1000-1800 for my ZMF Verite. I want it to have great dynamics, soundstage and imaging. The amps I know are the Feliks audio Euforia and Glenn OTL. I am planning to get the Euforia because I...
  5. nishan99

    OTL tube amp and pre-amp budget $400-800

    Hi I am looking for OTL tube amp and pre-amp for my headphones and powered speakers. I need it to excel at soundstaging and imaging. Current contenders are MD X Eddie current ZDT jr and the schiit valhalla 2 I don't know what's the next upgrade for those amps as I mentioned the budget is...
  6. nishan99

    Biggest Europe audio show for both speakers and headphones ?

    Hi i am planning on going to Europe in the future and want to know if can make it as the same time for an audio show, thanks <3
  7. nishan99

    Can Fiio A5 drive the HD800 S loud ?

    by loud i mean ~118dB I saw Zeos driving them from fiio x1 and he said it was OK, so i am guessing they are easy to drive ? Thank you <3