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  1. jcn3

    absolutely awesome diana krall songs

    as so many people have noted, diana krall's live in paris is a phenomenal album. i am particularly blown away by track 11, "a case of you." if you haven't heard this song -- you must. close your eyes and be transported . . . what other diana songs "do it" for you?
  2. jcn3

    what's your experience with

    i've been considering buying a stax unit from these guys, but don't know anything about them. what has your experience been? thanks!
  3. jcn3

    cable recommendation for hd600

    i'm currently using a blue dragon v2 and like it -- the build quality is fantastic. i'm interested in checking out a silver cable, specificially either a headphile senn v2 or a moon audio silver dragon v2. the headphile's advantage is price -- it is significantly cheaper than the sd...
  4. jcn3

    anyone else out there into kim richey?

    i heard about her in a review in sterephile several years ago. i got her first two albums "kim richey" and "bittersweet" shortly there after and find them to be some of the best albums in my collection. i find the honesty of the music and the way she sings to be very addictive. unfortunately...
  5. jcn3

    oh goody, an iem from bose!

    i can't wait to read the reviews!
  6. jcn3

    Westinghouse 5687

    All, I ran across some Westinghouse 5687s. I'm wondering who actually made them -- my understanding is that Westinghouse didn't make tubes. The tubes have a halo getter. Initial reaction is that they are fast, articulate, and have good base. They're being used with RCA 6cg7s. Any...
  7. jcn3

    headroom millet + home + dps vs. rsa raptor

    hi all -- head-fi noob here. first thanks for all the great info on the site. thanks to the advice i've gotten here and conversations with todd (ttvj) and rsa, i've got a sr-71 and senn 600 on the way to me. needless to say, i'm psyched. next step is to get a killer home amp. i'm thinking...