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    Rosson Audio Design RAD-0 - Alex's Beautiful New Baby

    You(r wallet) probably won't like this answer, but I'd say electrostatics are the best complement to the RAD-0, offering a great change of pace in terms of presentation. An HD800/800S is a decent compromise if you want a headphone that can be driven by a traditional amp. The Susvara leans toward...
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    Brrr it's cold - How are you staying warm?

    14 year old thread resurrected, surely this must be a record?
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    Headphones for metal music - ultimate solution

      Sure, no problem.
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    Headphones for metal music - ultimate solution

    I have listened to those a bit at a show, and thought they were quite good, I would tentatively put them on the HD800 level. They aren't a miracle or anything, just an excellent headphone at a quite reasonable price for their sound quality.
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    Headphones for metal music - ultimate solution

    As long as you find the fit and sound balance to your liking, you should be very happy with it. Have fun!
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    Headphones for metal music - ultimate solution

      My thought is that if you have such an extensive list of headphones you lust for, you really should go to a meet/show where you will have a chance to try many of them. Clearly, you've got a lot of decisions to make (closed/open/IEM, dark/neutral/bright/etc., ethereal/palpable...
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    Hifiman HE1000 Planar Dynamic Headphone

    I wouldn't say the HE1000 sounded "inside the head," the way most IEM's do, but the soundstage is not as expansive as the SR009 or HD800, though more precise/focused. I did not hear any issues with timbre in either headphone in thr comparison. Tone/timbre was not terribly different between the two.
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    CanJam SoCal 2015 Impressions Thread

    Here's what we're up to after the meet:
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    Any Central CAL hi-Fiers??

    Actually, I'd say there is a reason, rather than posting in an 8-year old thread with only two prior posts.   Anyway, your best bet is to come to LA or SF meets, as they are amongst the best done anywhere.  And we have a great meet coming up in LA this weekend.  Come on down!
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Sound Quality

    My listening thus far has my Verizon Note 4 sounding quite a bit better than my Verizon Note 2, regardless of ROM/kernel/audio setting on the latter, using JH13's.  It's a much cleaner sound overall, without all that background hiss!  And FYI the Headamp Pico DAC and DAC/Amp do work splendidly...
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    Arizona Head-Fi Meet: January 24th, 2015

    I'll be glad to be there with a full complement of gear from HeadAmp, including the BHSE/009 setup!
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    Hifiman HM901S New Flagship DAP

    I used the 901s quite a bit at CES last week, a few thoughts:   * Startup time is very quick, however this is due to the device being in a sleep-like state when "off", which will result in the battery running down if not used, to flat after a couple weeks   * The battery is...
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    Hifiman HE1000 Planar Dynamic Headphone

      Video model chiming in!  It's been a week since I heard the HE-1000, and I can't get it out of my head!  The combination of electrostatic speed and openness, with planar bass was simply sublime.  I'm glad more Head-Fiers will get the chance to hear it for themselves at the upcoming event in...
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    The NIKON Thread (Talk About Nikon Stuff here)

    Check out my thoughts on the new Nikon 300mm and 20mm lenses from CES at my blog, TLDR version: very impressed:
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    How Do You Carry All Of Your Gear? First World Problem ;)

    I've had great results from my ThinkTank gear, and the only time I ever had an issue, their support was very prompt, and quickly exchanged my bag for an all-new one.  Couldn't recommend them more for photo-oriented bags (I currently use the Urban Disguise 35 and Mirrorless Mover 20).
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    New York mini meet : hifiman he1000 headphones/ ef1000 amplifiers Jan 17 and 18 after 2pm

    Glad some of you are going to get the chance to try them, as I was seriously, seriously, impressed in my time listening to them at CES.  Enjoy!
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    New York Audio Show 2014 ***Now With Discounted Tickets Info***

    I'll be manning the HeadAmp booth, so stop by and say hey!
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    Official 2014 SoCal Head-Fi Meet, March 22, 2014, Westin South Coast Plaza

    Finally remembered to register.  Looks great, see everyone there!
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    JH Audio JH-13 PRO impressions thread

    Almost 5 years later, and the JH13's are still the listening device I reach for most often.  And they've never sounded better than with  the HM-901 (+IEM card):  
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    REVIEW: Astell & Kern AK240

    Good job with the detailed write-up of the AK240.  I was fortunate to give it a couple of spins at CES, and really enjoyed the full-touchscreen interface/UI, thought I think they still have a bit of work ahead to get it up to the standards of Poweramp on Android.  I find the WIFI streaming...
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    Official Los Angeles Regional Summer Meet - Saturday, July 20, 2013 Warner Center Marriott, Woodland Hills

    I'll say I'm a tentative IN at this point.  Hopefully nothing will come up to derail that in the intervening months!
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    Impressions from T.H.E. Show, Newport

    I was there towards the end of the day.  I'd definitely say that the LCD-2 did not get a fair shake in that rig.   I'd also say that I'm scarcely surprised that you did not find the any of the headphones you demoed for a short time in a loud room, superior to the system you've custom-tweaked...
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    The NIKON Thread (Talk About Nikon Stuff here)

    Yeah, it does. it's a matter of megapixels per sensor size.  Check out the calculator about halfway down the following link.  Diffraction starts to become visible in the image before the sensor is completely diffraction-limited.  Usually the diffraction-limited aperture is still useful (but...