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  1. johnchpark

    To Korean members: A warning about "Dr Headphone" 닥터헤드폰

    Hello, I am a Korean-American member of Head-Fi and the Korean audiophile forum named "닥터헤드폰" (Dr. Headphone) on Naver (네이버; Korean equivalent of Google). Dr. Headphone is the #1 online hifi community in Korea with over 241,996 users. It is a site used mainly for item reviews and...
  2. johnchpark

    Mid-Range DAP Recs? (2019)

    Hello, I'm looking for a mid-range (new or used) DAP to use with IEM's. There's just too many options, especially if I'm also considering used DAP's for that price range. Any recommendations? I'm mainly concerned for the sound quality. But streaming app, DSD, and Balanced output would also be...
  3. johnchpark

    Fearless Audio S5T - A First Look

    This may be the first posting on the Fearless Audio S5T (Turbo) made in English. 5BA (Knowles & Sonion) made from China. Background I was originally going to purchase the BGVP DM6 from Linsoul, but right before placing the order, a Linsoul representative suggested to buy the Fearless Audio S5...