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  1. MoNelly

    Anybody have a copy of the HeadAmp Pico w/DAC user manual?

    Just picked up a used Pico, but it lacks the manual. Anybody have a PDF version? There doesn't seem to be one available on the HeadAmp site. Thanks!
  2. MoNelly

    Anybody use ThermoWorks ThermaPen for cooking?

    I need a good food thermometer. These are very expensive ($90 per), but I've heard they are quite good. Fast and accurate. Anybody used one, and can you tell me if it's worth the price?
  3. MoNelly

    Seriously? Nobody has an opinion on Meier HeadSix vs Headroom AirHead?

    Has anybody compared these two low-priced amps? I'm looking to get something more portable--and with better batter life--than my HR 06 Micro amp for mobile use (the Micro will remain my desktop amp). I'd like to keep the price under $200. I will be using the amp mostly with Senn 280 Pros...
  4. MoNelly

    Best Gain setting on 06 Micro Amp for AKG K701s?

    I know, I know--the answer is whatever sounds best to me. But I'm curious if the folks at HeadRoom--or any owners of this combination--have a "preferred" setting for this combination? Also, does anyone have a preference between optical and USB input on the 06 Micro DAC? Thanks!
  5. MoNelly

    AKG K701s arrived today!

    Got my new AKG K701s today; I’m in love. Out of the box, the clarity of these headphones is stunning as driven by my awesome new Headroom 2006 Micro DAC and Micro Amp (clearance, baby!). I’ve used Shure E500s, and while I think they’re quite good (if inevitably uncomfortable), I’ve never...