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  1. kova4a

    New Vsonic VS Series

    Here we goooo!!! VS1 - circa $30 VS3 VS7 VS9 - comes with silver cable while the others are spc, versions:magnesium alloy + resin combination, titanium alloy aluminum alloy + resin combination circa $220 (although take in consideration that prices are always higher outside the...
  2. kova4a

    Cayin N6 - New Audiophile DAP (Updated with new pics)

    Apparently, it was time to make a thread for the new kid on the block - Cayin N6. Sayin say that the N6 was inspired by turntables and vinyls.   Apparently, the people at Cayin don't want to fool people with imitations, so the back of the N6 will be actual carbon fiber.      ...
  3. kova4a

    Altec Lansing im716 vs Philips she9850

    I decided to start a new thread because no one answered in my last one. What do you guys think - which one is better?
  4. kova4a

    Philips she9850 vs she9800 vs creative ep-830

    I'm just looking for some advice on which one do you recommend. I'm currently using Razer Moray, which are way better than any stock in-ears I have used but the mids are kinda muddy and the overall sound is not clear enough. So, I made some research but it seems there aren't a lot of options in...