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  1. dfkt

    Google CX300/EP-630 ;)

    Like, seriously...  
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    FiiO E10 RMAA Tests The E10 is an excellent soundcard and headphone amp. It drives most anything with ease, it has almost no background hiss even with the most sensitive IEMs (at non-silly listening levels), and the two gain levels make it...
  3. dfkt

    ClarityOne IEMs   So these things have a "built-in PureSound Processor", next to having too many camel cases in their trademarks. Whatever that means, I'm going to find out soon. Maybe it's real science, like the Digizoid ZO, maybe it's just marketing.   Quote: Some...
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    Huddler censors D A M N

    Seriously, you can't get much more patronizing than that. It's not even profanity in today's choice of words. Censoring D A M N is bordering on ridiculous. Well, censorship in any kind/way is awkward, but censoring words that are as... mild as that is a bit over the top in my opinion. Now don't...
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    iPad 2 RMAA Tests

    iPad 2 - Impedances iPad 2, Sansa Clip+ - Impedances   It is a piece of crippled horse dung that really can't do anything without causing me an aneurysm, but for audio it measures better than most MP3 players out there (I was led to believe the iPhone and iPod 4 are basically the same as...
  6. dfkt

    Sony A845 RMAA Tests

    RMAA: Sony A845 - Headphone-Out RMAA: Sony A845 - Line-Out Amusingly, the headphone-out is somewhat better than the line-out in any case. Seems like getting a line-out cable/dock for the A845 is a waste of money (and audio quality).
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    Ignore not working properly

    When putting someone on ignore, their messages aren't displayed in forum threads, as expected - but the ignored person can still harass one via private messaging. That's not the way it works on any other forum system (to the best of my knowledge), and would be very much appreciated when fixed...
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    Hifiman HM-801 RMAA Tests

    I can't be bothered to repeat my post here, since Head-Fi's disgustingly idiotic new forum system makes it extremely hard to post images and links. So for everyone interested, here's some initial RMAA tests of the Hifiman HM-801, over on ABI:  ...
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    The HiSoundAudio AMP3 PRO1 "Audiophile" MP3 Player: A Pathetic Piece of Garbage

    So everyone and their dog have been feverishly awaiting the arrival of the new Jesus players for audiophiles, the HiSoundAudio RoCoo and AMP3 PRO2, or STUDIO 1, or HAROLD, or whatever it's called. I don't care; I'm too lazy to look up what fancy names they made up to extract some more money from...
  10. dfkt

    Recordings with great soundstage (for testing headphones)?

    Are there any specific recordings where you start to drool, cause of the huge soundstage? I'm looking for really 3-dimensional material to A/B test some headphones. Thanks for any tips!
  11. dfkt

    Modified Sennheiser CX300 - Y-style cable

    I really had it with the damn J-style cables of my CX300's... the kind of cable where the left one is longer than the right one, so you're supposed to wear it round your neck. First, it's always tugging on the left ear more than on the right one - and I hate that imbalanced feeling. The left...
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    (Deleted - wrong forum)

    (Deleted - wrong forum)
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    Affordable Tube Amps in Europe?

    I'm aware that Head-Fi is largely US-centric, but I'm on the lookout for decent, somewhat affordable headphone tube amps in Europe (Austria, specifically). Maybe some European members could help me. So far I know that some Chinese-made amps are available via eBay, like the Darkvoice or Little...
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    V-Moda Vibe (chrome version) - discolored cable

    Just noticed something weird - the metallic coloring of my Vibe's cable inside the transparent plastic tubing disappeared from the headphones down to the cable divider... near the 3.5mm plug it's still silver colored, but seems the "color-loss" is spreading further down the cable. Between the...
  15. dfkt

    Super.Fi 5 EB bass compared to UE10/E500/ACS/...?

    I've been using UE Super.Fi 5 EB for about a year now and am very pleased by their quality and quantity of bass reproduction. However, I'm thinking about upgrading to custom IEMs (or the Shure E500) - Head-Fi makes me do these things! I don't think I can live anymore with a lot less bass...
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    PA2V2 and Super.Fi - a bad combination?

    So I got my PA2V2 from Gary, who is an extremely nice and helpful person. I plugged my Super.Fi 5EB's into the amp and noticed that I even can hear sound playing although the volume is turned off completely on the PA2V2. Without a source playing I can hear a lot of white noise. When I turn up...