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  1. Johnathanta

    130$ for Earphones for the gym | Recommendations? Criteria Inside thanks! :)

    As title states, I have 130$ to work with on a great sounding pair of headphones for the gym!   Criteria: -Little sibilance at high volumes (Gym Pump!) -Great Bass -Durable   I am using ATH-M50's headphones, love the sound. I am also using Seinhesser MX 680 Sports IEM's for the...
  2. Johnathanta

    Shure SRH840 or Audio-Technica M50s?

    For trance and electronica, which headphone would deliver a crisper punchier bass whilst distorting vocal quality the least? I enjoy my headphones being able to pump out deep low frequency bass.   Thanks Also if you live in toronto, where can I buy audio technica?!?!?
  3. Johnathanta

    Johnathan's thoughts/review on Sony XB500/700/ and Beats Solo HD/Studio

    Over the past three days I've samples all four of these headphones (None of them burnt in however) for about 2-3 hours each. I'm no pro and no audiophile, just giving my opinion to people who are interested in getting any of these cans.   I go by what I hear. This review is ideal for...
  4. Johnathanta

    Recommended headphones for Trance/House/Bass on Ipod Classic

    I have a 200$ budget Currently have Shure 750DJ's and Monster Dr Dre Solo HD's on the way 750DJ's are amazingly crisp but don't have that head shaking bass I'm looking for. Dr. Dre's I've heard regular Solo's at best buy, muddy sound but deffinately the bass I want.   Any...