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    The Brise Audio Japan Cable Thread

    Yes, very good combo. Smooth, dynamic and solid-sounding. I have sold the Solaris now though (spent the money on a Naim Mu-so Gen 2 for our kitchen/diner extension). I will be selling the STR7.
  2. Penon Leo Plus (Gold/Silver/Palladium) 4.4mm MMCX IEM cable

    I am selling a set of Penon Audio Leo Plus 4.4mm MMCX in-ear monitor cables. These are in as new condition and complete with case and original box etc. Reason for sale - no longer require 4.4mm connection (sold my Sony WM1Z). From Penon website: 8 strands gold-silver-palladium alloy wire...
  3. Brise Audio STR7-SE 4.4mm MMCX IEM cable

    I am selling these excellent high end Brise Audio STR7-SE 4.4mm balanced MMCX IEM cables to raise funds for a new TV. Condition is as new. Complete with original packaging. The sonics and build quality are first class. Reason for sale? I sold my Sony WM1Z DAP and no longer require 4.4mm...
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    Audeze Penrose X and Penrose

    I've cancelled my Penrose X order for now. I'm going to try Fidelio X2/ Boompro with my Xbox Series X for now.
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    The Brise Audio Japan Cable Thread

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, I suspected the same. I have ordered the STR7.
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    The Brise Audio Japan Cable Thread

    I am considering Brise Audio STR7-SE and Yatono 4.4mm MMCX cables for my Solaris 2020 IEMs. Has anyone had any experience of these? Would you say either of these are flexible enough for outdoor use? I have the original UGP001 cables. I enjoy the sound, but they're not suitable for on-the-go use IME.
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    I am awaiting delivery of a brand new uncapped WM1A from South Korea next week. However, temptation got the better of me and I bought the WM1Z in the classifieds from denis1976. Anyone want a brand new 1A? :relaxed:
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    Campfire - Solaris

    @Toom That's good to hear. My Solaris 2020s arrive tomorrow from Autologica. I too have been mainly using Fiio FH7s of late (with a Sony ZX2). Looking forward to listening to them. This was a blind purchase. I've never heard any CA earphones before!
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    Sony NWZ-ZX1 - 35th Walkman Anniversary model

    I too am interested to hear how the F886 compares to the Z1060/70. Wondering which to buy for my UM Customs and Amperiors. Anyone?
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    Walkman NWZ F886 officialy announced!! [192khz/24bits]

    Just preordered my F886 from Amazon UK for £210. Never owned a Sony DAP before, so looking forward to this.
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    Post Your Photography Here #2

    Visited London on Sunday.                                                       Pentax K-5 IIs and DA 15 Limited
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    Post Your Photography Here #2

    Some great work here folks!         Shot these at Haversham Viaduct yesterday evening..                               Pentax K-5 IIS and DA 15 Ltd
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    Post Your Photography Here #2

    My 14 year old Springer Spaniel, Bess.         Pentax K-5 IIS and FA 77 Ltd
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    Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Review

    Just grabbed some from Massdrop. $150 inc shipping to the UK - great deal! If anyone else is interested I suggest you send Massdrop an e-mail. I got in on the deal after it ended. The more buy the cheaper they are.
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    iBasso DX100:24 bit for bit, PG 1> Reviews & Impressions, Downloads, VIDEO, NEW Firmware 1.4.2.

    Just updated my unit, it's never sounded this good before.
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    new Schiit product

    Very good!
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    new Schiit product

    Portable amp perhaps?