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  1. A1945

    Reply to review by 'a1945' on item 'Sony Walkman X Series 32 GB Video MP3 Player w/ OLED Display'

    Like I always say, leave it to Sony.
  2. A1945

    Review by 'A1945' on item 'Aerial7 Pheonix Storm With In-Line Mic'

    First let me say that I LOVE these phones, the have awesome bass, decent mids and tamed highs which is what I like, if you're someone who likes sparkling highs, these aren't for you. These also work very well if you are like me and wear your headphones on the back of your neck.   A couple...
  3. A1945

    Review by 'A1945' on item 'Sony MDRZX300'

    I decided to purchase these so that I wouldn't wear out my Aerial7 Pheonix's. I prefer headphones with swiveling ear cups so that I can wear them on the back of my neck so I don't lose my hair from headphones. Comfort isn't the greatest in the world but they are tolerable for about an hour. The...
  4. A1945

    Review by 'A1945' on item 'Aerial7 Tank Headphones Shade, One Size'

    These are great headphones. I got these for free off a website called Lockerz, so I didn't spend any money on these but now that I've had them, I would definitely buy them. Sound is very good, bass is very deep and to me it booms (but I like that), mids are decent and highs are there but not...