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  1. droido256

    Hey all question about a vintage

    [/IMG][/IMG]I snatched up on eBay a pair of decent looking vintage mga xhp-10 judging from the logo, they're Mitsubishi. Haven't really been able to find much info on them. I never thought Mistubishi made headphones. They look in great condition except for the headphone plug plastic but meh I...
  2. droido256

    Akai la-202 3way floor speakers

    Hello all I just got from the goodwill a pair of Akai la-202 speakers, for only 14 bucks! They sound great! However I didn't see a crossover and was wondering what might be a good 3 way crossover for these? That won't cost a arm and a leg. I've never really went cross over shopping lol, any...
  3. droido256

    Hard protective case for my Shure SRH840's

    Hello Im a proud new owner of a pair of Shure SRh840's, and while the case that it comes with is...ok I'd much rather have better travel protection for them. The whole fold up mechanism is a bit new to me, as I never tried folding up the sony v6's, and the K701's are really my only other high...