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  1. droido256

    Reply to review by 'droido256' on item 'iFi Audio micro iDSD'

    The size isnt that much of a problem, its smaller than I expected and its light, much lighter than it looks. I do agree all the switches and options can be a bit overwhelming at first.
  2. droido256

    Reply to review by 'droido256' on item 'iFi Audio micro iDSD'

    Just got mine, and holy cow. Even on eco mode the LCD-2F is nearly unbearable loud at 12 clock volume. With the xbass on, it (LCD-2) will beat your ears up.
  3. droido256

    Reply to review by 'droido256' on item 'Audeze LCD2 Rev. 2 Planar Magnetic Headphones'

    Sadly with 12 magnets per cup, weight is inevitable.
  4. droido256

    Review by 'droido256' on item 'KBEAR KB10'

    I bought these attracted to the multi driver. Not expecting much to be honest given the price. How wrong was I. Out of the box they sound great, fit well, and isolate outside noise excellently. The inner case is transparent, allowing a view of the drivers, crossover, and a lovely pack teeny tiny...
  5. droido256

    Review by 'droido256' on item 'Kennerton Ikiz'

    Havn't found any reviews for the Ikiz, so decided one is needed.   **Disclaimer: Im a S***ty writer , and don't have any fancy equipment to give sine readouts, frequency graphs or the like, so this will be a review based on nothing but sight, feel and sound. Coffee, check, grammar nazi...
  6. Kennerton Ikiz

    Kennerton Ikiz

    Double driver IEM from Kennerton.
  7. droido256

    Review by 'droido256' on item 'Audeze EL-8 Open-Back'

    These so far dethroned all my top headphones. Deeper more natural bass than the M50X, or the HE-400, better 3d imaging, and speed than the AD900x, better comfort than the DT990pro.     Mine is the 2016 refreshed model. It came in a white box shell, and a black inner box with a slide off top...
  8. droido256

    Review by 'droido256' on item 'beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Headphones'

    A great can, esp considering the price.   Fit, and comfort. these things IMO cannot get more comfortable. it's like your head is being hugged by the softest stuffed animals in the world. yes literally, after about a minute you dont feel them at all. A firm not tight clamp keeps them in place...
  9. droido256

    Review by 'droido256' on item 'Beyerdynamic DTX 910 Trendline Stereo Headphone'

    The headphones come in a relatively plain, well packed box with a screw on stereo jack to mini jack adapter. No frills, just basic.   The DTX-910 is a smaller over the ear headphone with all plastic housing, and comfy velour ear pads. They adjust with plastic slider slips outward, which seem...