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  1. user18

    Another "Deadbeat Head-Fier" Thread

    A little over a month ago, I helped a fellow DIY HFer with some out-of-stock parts. I gave him a good deal and even let him after he receives the item. (Yes, yes... I know, stupid idea. But I was shipping it regular mail w/o tracking and it was $15.) Needless to say he hasn't paid me yet, but...
  2. user18

    US Source for Y-Splitter

    Is there a US distributor of Qables' Y-Splitter or a domestic company that sells something similar? Qables | High Quality Custom Made Qables
  3. user18

    3.5mm 4-Conductor connector

    I have some 3.5mm connectors with 4 conductors. I know there's left, right, and ground. But what does the fourth one do? I've read that the fourth is used for video, then on another site, it says it is used to supply additional power. So I'm guessing the actual usage is dependent on the...
  4. user18

    Drill Press Recommendations

    I'm planning to purchase a drill press; nothing fancy, just something with enough to get by. There are a couple of models at Harbor Freight that are in the same price range, but I don't know what the differences are.