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  7. timtoo

    Any one want to meet near Twin Cities

    student want to meet another people who is live close to us
  8. timtoo

    Logicform NV1 Review (USB Audio Preamp)

    is it use usb for power supply
  9. timtoo

    Yulong D200 32bit 384KHz DSD DAC

    want to know the price
  10. timtoo

    IC: Headphone in Minnesota

    where is it, I could not find the address...
  11. timtoo

    IC: Headphone in Minnesota

    If close UofM is good for me
  12. timtoo

    IC: Headphone in Minnesota

    I would like to join, but I do not have a car do you know how can I get here? thanks
  13. timtoo

    IC: Headphone in Minnesota

    Quote:   I want to try to hear he-400 i never own it before so did you try another headphone in HE?
  14. timtoo

    IC: Headphone in Minnesota

    I also want in to . is it already happen? i live close UofM 55454
  15. timtoo

    Learning more about the science of sound

    Me too I want to learn more but I don't know where or how should I start
  16. timtoo

    Question about Dt880

    Do any one know what is different between DT880 por 600ohm and premium 600 ohm? or is it same headphone Thanks
  17. timtoo

    Clear closed heaphones

    I think DT 990 or 880 is a good choice for you
  18. timtoo

    Some DT 880 Questions

    I have a dt 880 also 660ohm, my source is wav on my laptop and a cd player. but I want to said CD PLAYER is much better than laptop
  19. timtoo

    rca cable

    that why I try to looking for a good rca cabel around 100 
  20. timtoo

    rca cable

    Thanks for your suggestion Do you have any idea if my budget around $100
  21. timtoo

    rca cable

    I have a denon dcd-1560 cdplayer and corda concertoamp ,Denon d7000 I I want to buy a rca cable for  my cd player and amp. have anyone can give me some idea? I am a tiro  thanks
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