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  1. throzen0303

    Little Dot DAC_i XLR hiss?

    I just received my Little Dot DAC_I couple days ago, been using it with TOSLINK in from my computer, and RCA out to my Mackie HR624 MK2 monitors for music listening. Today I got a chance to try out XLR connection, problem is, when I used a pair of iCan 6ft XLR there is a hiss, noticeable from...
  2. throzen0303

    Sennheiser IE80 Unboxing Photo and Initial Impression [Will update]

    Hey fellow headfier, this is your long waited Sennheiser IE80 Inital impression and whats inside the box thread.   I will update my full review in this post!! Please do comment and ask questions.     From the moment I cut open the box that Sennheiser sent to me, I can instantly tell...
  3. throzen0303

    HE-300 or HD600/650? Worth it?

    I have been reading a lot of those reviews and comparison still getting mixed result. I owned the HD600 and loved it, sold it a while ago. Now with a bit of cash I am back into the game again, I am wondering if I should get the HD650($400ish), or the HE-300 which are on sale for $249 which...
  4. throzen0303

    Brainwavz Beta Video Unboxing

      These are the best sounding IEM for its class at under $30, highly detailed and clear for it's price, sort of a thicker sounding RE0 sound signature.(No RE0 SQ tho).   Will do a full review after some burn in
  5. throzen0303

    Sennheiser HD598 [Review]

    I thought I uploaded this few months back, but turns out I didn'     Sennheiser HD598   Transducer principle dynamic, open Ear coupling circumaural Frequency response 12 – 38500 Hz THD, total harmonic distortion < 0.1 % (1 kHz/100 dB...
  6. throzen0303

    Laptop noise + Isolation Transformer Solution

    While my laptop Asus N53v, plugged into the same wall socket as my tube amp, i get a SERIOUS amount of hum buzz and noise, when it's plugged into my wall down at the living room, almost dead silence.   Now the question is, will a isolation transformer help?   Like the KECES PT-111...
  7. throzen0303

    Cheaper Solution to KECES PT-111?

    I am looking for a power transformer to clean the power for my KECES 151 DAC and my planned Little Dot MK3/5 Amp purchase,   since my past experience when my laptop is charging with my Musical Paradise MP301-MK2 is there are a whole lot of hum, but   when laptop is unplugged, almost dead...
  8. throzen0303

    Any USB DAC builder in Toronto?

    I wonder if anyone here can build me a USB DAC with RCA out for less than 80-100CAD. Please PM me~~
  9. throzen0303

    Desktop Speakers upgrade from Logitech Z Cinema

    I wonder if there would be any speakers upgrade from the Z Cinema under $250? Audioengine A2 Klipsch Promedia 2.1? Corsair SP2500 2.1?   Any 2.0 compact bookshelf?
  10. throzen0303

    MP4 Nation Fail:P

    Shipping Weight: 162lbs LOL   Am I going to get 100box ?:P  
  11. throzen0303

    Fiio E11 The best portable in the price range?

    I have been reading many good reviews about the Fiio E11, for it's price and people's comment, seems to be unbeatable. Any other competitor that's better than it for >$100? I will be using the amp to drive my Shure SE215, Klipsch Image S4, yet to arrive Dunu Ares and Hephaes, or whatever I...
  12. throzen0303

    Perfect IEM?

    I just got a though, after I have finally listen to many few brand's sound signature, UE(600, TF10), Earsonics(SM3), Shure(215,friend's 425), Grado(GR8), Radius(Wn2), so on.   Why can't different brand come together, and make the perfect IEM?   UE, Westone, Grado - Highs Shure...
  13. throzen0303

    10w output amp, 80-340w speakers?

    I am looking at this integrated amp with 10w output power, to drive the klipsch B20 bookshelf speakers, would this amp do the job? I just ordered a NFB12 as a headphone amp and DAC, going to invest in speakers now, $200 budget for a good amp for B20 which is on sale now( or is there anything...
  14. throzen0303

    Don't get why "Audiophile" USB Cable would improve sound quality

    I have seen USB cable price from $1 to $550+ each, I do understand a $10 cable is going to be build better than a cheap $1 cable, but, isn't USB, digital in general just transfering 01 signals? If it is, isn't it a Yes/No situation? Yes meaning the signal made it through, job done, No...
  15. throzen0303

    NFB12 or FuBar III for DAC+AMP combo

    I am looking for a DAC+AMP combo for my HD600, not sure which one should I go for, NFB12 or FuBar III(2011) (might get power supply for it), or any more suggestion? Thanks
  16. throzen0303

    What should i upgrade to from HD600

    What should i upgrade to from HD600?? Under $500, what are my options?\ I listen to almost anything but metal, only a small bit of rock.  
  17. throzen0303

    1964-D vs Westone 3 vs Ortonfon e-Q5

    1964-Dual($270) vs Westone 3 vs Ortonfon e-Q5($288)   which would be a better bet? a dual driver custom, signle drive universal, or triple driver universal with the same setup as 1964-T? they are all about the same price.   Iike highly detailed mids and highs, smooth and fluid sound...
  18. throzen0303

    Radius HP-TWF21 (W n°2) [ Review ]

    Here comes my review of the newest offerings from Radius – The Radius Wn2 The latest generation of Dual-Diaphragm Matrix IEM   *****Thanks for Dimitri at MusicaAcoustics Japan shipping these to be asap after my payment, even with the tragic earthquake happened in Japan recently. Bless...
  19. throzen0303

    DBA-02 or e-Q5

    What should I pick? the DBA-02 or e-Q5 i usually lisent to pop and classical, well i lisent to everything pretty much, except for metal.
  20. throzen0303

    Any point to buy upgrade USB cable for DAC?

    Is there any point to but a upgrade USB cable for my Creative Sound Blaster USB 5,1(i use it as a DAC) Since USB is digital, is there any chance that it will enhance the quality?
  21. throzen0303

    Bravo Audio V1 vs V3

    Bravo Audio V1 vs V3   I read the specs and stuff, the only difference i found was the 3band EQ on the V3, and the V1 is basicly the V1.   any thoughts?
  22. throzen0303

    My DIY Headphone Stand Solution

    This is what I made, a $2 rack thing, and a $1.25 Cute Long Thing!! $3.25 Total Holds 2-4phones              
  23. throzen0303

    Need a replacement cable for ultrasone Pro 750

    I wonder if anyone could build me a replacement cable about 1-1.2m long, that fits the ultrasone pro. Thank you.
  24. throzen0303

    My New YouTube Headphone/IEM Channel!!

    Hey everyone this is Vincent, I just started a YouTube channel for reviewing Headphones and IEM, please support me by subscribing to my channel.   There will be many reviews coming up in the near future, please subscribe!!  ...
  25. throzen0303

    GRADO GR8 [ Full Review ] + Picture + Updated!!

    I got these in the mail this afternoon, opened box since few hours ago. [First post]   This is my first review on Head-Fi, please point out anything wrong so I can do better next time!!   First YouTube Video+Unboxing [Subscribe Please!!, Need your support]    ...