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  1. badpenny

    Help with this stereo setup, please.

    I need a Mid-Fi stereo setup for my computer / turntable. For mostly music, video editing, and watching movies. After weeks of reading I have come up with this setup. (MacPro Optical out) -> (Beresford Mk 6) -> RCA 1 (Heed) - (701's) + RCA 2 (NAD C352) -> (?phono stage?) -> (my...
  2. badpenny

    Respectable Stereo Tuner Amp?

    My situation is as such. My current tuner is garbage, and the phono doesn’t work. I need a tuner amp that has a phono stage input and optical inputs. I only plan on having a stereo speaker setup, so it doesn’t need to be 5.1 or anything. I want to use this for my record player / computer via...
  3. badpenny

    Canadian online audio parts stores?

    Looking to get cable, plugs, heatshrink... etc...
  4. badpenny

    A portable Solution for Me?

    I have an Archos 404 that I may sell, and I am thinking about getting an Ipod video... Should I do this? I would like to use the line out of the ipod as I dont think I can do that with the Archos? The archos is a little too much for me, I would prefer something simple. I am also interested...