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  1. earfanatic

    DAC-301 balanced current output DAC

    Did anybody build a DAC-301 recently from AudioDIYLab - News ? It looks nice and has a very good price. It is an only USB dac with a professional headphone output, which I was looking for quite long ago. -- PCM 2706 - Main USB receiving chip -- PCM1798 or PCM1794 - Main DAC -- TPA6120A2...
  2. earfanatic

    Which headphone is most comfy lying on a pillow? :)

    I like to watch a movie at night in the bed. I know most of You do too. I like big headphones, but when I wear my Philips (looks a bit like K701) the pillow presses the headphone ahead a bit. Not so disturbing but i want to include this issue in my new headphone consideration. So, which...
  3. earfanatic

    Balanced phones (and source): really worth it?

    I'm thinking of this long ago... but do really worth using balanced sources and headphones? I read the article at but I really need different opinions too. I'm still at the planning stage, I haven't bought anything yet, so it is not an upgrade or not upgrade question. What's...