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  1. breadcrumbs

    alternatives to Beyerdynamic DT250s

    Recently bought a pair of the 80 ohm version. Terrifically comfortable, but they suffered from egregious channel imbalance, with the left driver nearly twice as loud as the right at some frequencies, so they'll have to go back.   Reluctant to go with another pair of the same once I get...
  2. breadcrumbs

    Husker Du made the rest of my music sound boring. :(

    Yeah. I finally got Zen Arcade, only 22 years late, and it's good, you know. I'm pretty sure I've seen some Husker Du fans around here, so lets discuss. Just insane pacing, and I love the experimental interludes. What album should I purchase next? And on a completely unrelated note, since...
  3. breadcrumbs

    Headphones for post-rock?

    I'm looking to upgrade from my Grado SR-60s, because although I've enjoyed them immensely, they're starting to look worse for the wear, and I'm ready to move up the headphone ladder for my next purchase. I'd be real grateful about any advice you experts could offer me. My favourite musical...