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  1. HariBhushan

    How do i make the HD650 more neutral and less bassy?

    Hey guys   I am looking to make my HD650 sound more neutral and more reference[ish] type without going with the HD600/HD800 approach. The reason is I find the HD650 treble perfect to my ears(but i wish it could be a little more warmer) but I want the bass to be toned down a bit because I...
  2. HariBhushan

    what cables/splitter wires would i need for tube pre-amp to speakers.

    So from what i have read, the pre-amp feature on the little dot mk III can power passive bookshelf speakers? If so, can anyone tell me which wires i would need to buy.  preferably cheap from monoprice or anything under $40
  3. HariBhushan

    Will pre-amp work on bookshelf speakers? plz help

    Hi all !   I have been looking to upgrade "not even respectable" logitech Z323 pc speakers to something decent, and i am going to go with Axiom m3 v3 bookshelf, but can anyone tell me if these are self-powered or if they require an amp?   here is the info i have obtrained  ...
  4. HariBhushan

    How do i break down large quotes to answer in each section

    Can somebody please tell me how to do it?   like if someone writes a long post, and you want to answer each and every one of his posts/paragraphs in chronological order(section by section) instead of writing a long post yourself, how do you do that?   thank you for your help
  5. HariBhushan

    Improve the HD650 sound or get studio monitors?

    It's been around 150 hours or so on my Senn HD650's and i absolutely love the way they are sounding right now on my Woo Audio 3 + musiland monitor 02US combo.  I love it so much that i am willing to take them to the next level,   but I kinda do ned to replace my somewhat decent M-Audio AV30...
  6. HariBhushan

    mono price or signal IC cables?

    got a new headphone coming(the sennheiser HD650) and i want to make sure it gets the best possible passway signal without breaking the bank.   should i go for these $3 premium Mono Price that most people here say good things about  ...
  7. HariBhushan

    Is the Senn HD650 any musical?

    I'm looking for a smooth all rounder headphoner that will work with every music category i through at it. I like listening to all songs, but mostly trance, hip hop, pop, rock.   and i would like something smooth, musical and involving without being too bloated in the bass areas. I have read...
  8. HariBhushan

    What's the best equalizer to use in foobar?

    I think i may need to do some equalizing on my headphones, but I'm wondering is the foobar built in equalizer any good? Are there any better ones out there that are freeware(or not too pricey) ?   Any reccomendations would be appreciated, thx
  9. HariBhushan

    Foobar overwriting tags?

    I' have been using simple version of foobar and had no problems, but i decided to try one of the themes they have in devianart. But now whenever i play some songs on mp3 albums i have that have embedded tags, some of them get removed(pic below)            i don't wanna go back to...