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  1. LordofDoom

    Mouse -Fi

    Quote: Yeah, 3k dpi is a lot 0__0   From what I remember most of the upper level players were using <2.0 ingame speed (I think I used 1.15) and <1k dpi.
  2. LordofDoom

    Phone Fi

    Replaced my Nexus One with an HTC Sensation 4G.  It lives up to the hype ;)
  3. LordofDoom

    recommend a dell for gaming to me (laptop)

    You probably could but I doubt it'd be easy.  It's not a critical issue (i.e. not worth it in my mind) if it's going to cost you >$100.
  4. LordofDoom

    recommend a dell for gaming to me (laptop)

    Get an Alienware M14x.  Sell the current 500GB internal hard drive and get an SSD and another 4GB RAM stick on Newegg.  That should fit within $100 of your budget.   If you have a deal with your school for Windows 7 it shouldn't matter whether it's Mac or PC.  Your PC should come with a...
  5. LordofDoom

    Phone Fi

    Quote: That's insane.
  6. LordofDoom

    Phone Fi

      Quote: Quite a bit IMO (if we're talking about Windows Mobile here), although I'm still trying to get my mom to switch over and she's leaning towards iOS.
  7. LordofDoom

    Pen-Fi (FPs, RBs, BPs, etc...) [56k Warning]

    I caved, I got a Lamy Dialog 3 in trade for work I did for a friend, medium nib, brown J. Herbin ink (Cacao du Brasil).  I am never going back to another pen again.
  8. LordofDoom

    Phone Fi

    Quote: I see but one HTC phone :[   Sensation as your next perhaps?
  9. LordofDoom

    Audio Hunting

    A pair of Sanyo SS-540's last weekend for $18.  They've been working out pretty nicely.
  10. LordofDoom

    Intel announces 10 core Xeon E7 processors!

    'Till we meet the 80-core goal I don't even think I'll consider it 
  11. LordofDoom

    Flashlight-Fi (LED & Conventional)

    Quote: Just placed an order for one.  It's going to become my primary.
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    Quote: I love the Caesar, the bigger brother of the Aurora.  My one problem with keyboards of this type is that I broke two keys off of my first Caesar by nails getting stuck in them as far as I can remember. As far as durability, the rest of it was great, but this struck me as a...
  13. LordofDoom

    Flashlight-Fi (LED & Conventional)

    Quote: It's been amazing.  I think at some point I'm going to order another flashlight just for the hell of it.  My carry feels lopsided since I've got a Benchmade 557S and Fenix LD10R4 in my left front pocket and nothing on the right... perhaps an LD20
  14. LordofDoom

    The "Digital SLR that isn't Canon or Nikon" Thread

    Quote: Yeah, on the K-7 it won't load the lens unless you set it to "A" on the aperture dial, but the pictures don't turn out as well it seems unless I set if myself on the camera's full manual mode.  The pictures do turn out sweet though.  I'll photodump soon and try to get some of the...
  15. LordofDoom

    want new floor standing speakers heres the options im looking at

    Well no, but there's no room on my desk.  The way my dorm is set up, the desk is fixed along the wall and there's (in order) computer monitor 1, computer monitor 2, roomate's TV.  There's literally no space on top.  I'm in for the boom/rocking effect less than SQ because I've got my headphones...
  16. LordofDoom

    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

      Quote:   These words could not be more true.   Quote: What can I say, I try.
  17. LordofDoom

    *Post Lens Comparison Photos* (Previously) I had no idea Camera (Canon DSLR) lenses were that expensive!

    Quote:   Heh my friend's got one, the thing is heavy as hell.  I almost dropped his 7D a whole bunch of times :S  
  18. LordofDoom

    The "Digital SLR that isn't Canon or Nikon" Thread

    Quote: I got that one too last month.  Beautiful lens.  It is just plain amazing.
  19. LordofDoom

    New T-Mobile Smartphone Recommendation needed

    Quote: I voted for it (post 7 ^_^)   Quote: Android is Linux too... don't forget :)
  20. LordofDoom

    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    Quote:   I'd stray from a quartz if you want a "first real watch".  Go for anything in the seiko 5 series and you'll be able to keep your cost way under even the lower end of that cost spectrum, say for maybe $75-100.  
  21. LordofDoom

    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    Quote: It does look quite boss (especially if that kind of size is acceptable on you).  Although it is tritnite (a type of luminescent paint), not tritium (radioactive H3 that glows on its own from the energy it naturally emits).
  22. LordofDoom

    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    I think if your budget has grown and you still like the Tissot, to try to get the Tissot with the stainless steel bracelet instead of the strap.  The strap is a pretty cheap buy, so it can be had at a later date if you want it (or some other aftermarket strap that can be swapped on).
  23. LordofDoom

    Any Audiophile Airsofters?

    All I can remember about Airsoft is to wear protection for your whole face, not just eyes.  I made that terrible mistake with my friends and my best bud shot one of my front teeth out from 15 yards away with a carbine :)
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  25. LordofDoom

    The "Digital SLR that isn't Canon or Nikon" Thread

    Get a UV filter, they're pretty cheap.  As for lenses, you should browse around and read reviews of lenses and pick something new out to use.  You don't like the 18-55 (I'm assuming that's what it came with)?