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  1. seamon

    Review by 'seamon' on item 'FiR Audio M5'

    Preface From what I have heard, there have been many silent revisions of the Fir M5 and I don't know what revision I heard. This is probably the reason for vastly varying reviews of this IEM. I can only comment on the revision I heard. Bass Let's start with the bass. In my opinion, this is...
  2. seamon

    Review by 'seamon' on item 'Hidition Viento-Reference'

    Introduction Viento-Reference is the flagship IEM of Hidition. This utilizes 4 full range BA drivers per ear with Bass and mid-range switches. This review was done with both switches ‘on’ as I feel that’s the definitive way to listen to the Viento. The review score guide I will score CIEMs...
  3. seamon

    Review by 'seamon' on item 'Burson Audio Cable+'

    Introduction Burson has always been known in the audio world for their revolutionary op-amps and robust solid-state amps. My first experience with Burson dates back to the time when I was just started out in the audiophile world. I had a modest soundcard back then and after some op-amp rolling...
  4. seamon

    Review by 'seamon' on item 'Lime Ears Aether'

    Introduction Aether is the flagship model of Lime Ears. This utilizes 5 BA drivers with a four way passive crossover network. The IEM features a switchable sub-bass woofer. The Aether has been described as a very Natural IEM with amazing depth. The review score guide I will score CIEMs on...