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    Upgrading Gaming Set (GSX+ 599) SEN 700 vs SEN 800 + GSX or?

    Looking to upgrade my gaming set up. I've got a pending deal on 800 s for $500. I have the gsx1000 would that be strong enough to power these ?? If not what would you recommend. these would be strictly used for gaming thanks!
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    Sennheiser HD 800 S - GSX 1000 Strong Enough??

    Hey guys, going to be purchasing a pair of the 800 S. Found a pretty good deal for $600 including cord and pads. I'm currently using HD599's with the GSX 1000. IF not, what would be a good pairing with the device, going to be used mainly for gaming!
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    Need help with new PC audio gaming setup budget is $1,000-$1,500

    Hey guys. I'm looking to throw away my "gaming headset" they're arctis pro wireless and upgrade into the new age of headphones. I'm very disappointed in them for reading all the reviews, can't pinpoint enemy footsteps for anything. I actually, thought i was upgrading my ATH-AG1x but not even...