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  1. DankAudio

    Sub $200 IEM Help

    Hi, I am looking for the best IEM under $200 for mostly casual listening. I mostly listen to EDM, progressive and electronic music. I want a fun, detailed but not surgical/analytical sound signature. I am not much of an audiophile and i would really appreciate any help. I would be using the IEM...
  2. DankAudio

    Truly Wireless IEM Recommendation

    I have several pairs of IEM's but am looking for some good sounding truly wireless earbuds. All the earbuds i have seen have an abundance of poor reviews and i cant seem to find something good. I would really appreciate any help in finding any good ones. Thanks :)
  3. DankAudio

    Looking For The Best Budget DAP (Under $300)

    I need some advice on a good, small and portable DAP preferably within the budget of being under $200.Most of my music is in flac format. I dont feel like i need any wireless or streaming features since all of my music is on several micro sd cards. I appreciate you taking your time to read this...