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  1. Bigguy

    Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

    Old and definitely a fart here.
  2. Bigguy

    Nor-Cal Feb 11/2012 Impressions Thread

    Icarium brought the Fostex T50's.  
  3. Bigguy

    Bay Area Meet (California): February 19th, 2011

    I'm in for this one. I won't need a table space.
  4. Bigguy

    Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

    Occasional lurker checking in.
  5. Bigguy

    Sleek by 50 Cent, 2011 CES coverage

    Not even if they cost 50 cent!
  6. Bigguy

    RE-Zero In-ear headphones Limited Edition Sample Give Away

    As a loyal Head Direct customer I should win them.
  7. Bigguy

    Some help with solo cello

    Check out Zoe Keating.
  8. Bigguy

    Chocolate vinyl records

    Ya but the B sides suck!
  9. Bigguy

    Best Comedy on TV?

    X2 for The Big Bang Theory
  10. Bigguy

    Looking for some new music

    Massive Attack is one of my favorites that I heard about from this forum.
  11. Bigguy

    What is your age/occupation?

    56 and a SR. Printed Circuit Board Designer
  12. Bigguy

    Free: Mini-Mini Interconnects

    Need it, want it, gotta have it. The cable is nice too.
  13. Bigguy

    NorCal/SF Bay Area Meet 8/8/2009

    Mikey, My wife was asking if Mikey was going to bring the whiskeys again (like Marin)? She really liked that. She used to be a cheap drunk but you spoiled her for me. LOL
  14. Bigguy

    NorCal/SF Bay Area Meet 8/8/2009

    I will be bringing a laptop and a few listening devices. I won't take up much space. I can even bring my own space. I currently use a tv tray as my workspace. I will even bring my own chairs.
  15. Bigguy

    So why can't you make it to Can Jam?

    My car decided I should spend $1000 on it rather than some cool headphone meet. The mechanic can now afford some sweet phones.
  16. Bigguy

    Post Your Photography Here #2

    I just picked up a new camera. Got a Canon XSI.
  17. Bigguy

    If you don't listen to this, you have not heard music.

    I don't know, I still think it needs more cowbell!
  18. Bigguy

    Koss UR-40 Giveaway

    "I love Miley Cyrus!"
  19. Bigguy

    Norcal Mini-Meet (Aug 9th, 2008) in Mountain View

    We'll be there with my whole system plus Pecans 2.0
  20. Bigguy

    HEAD-DIRECT RE1 IEM Give Away (expired)

    I love my PK's so these probably rock too, so I want them.
  21. Bigguy

    iTunes: 100 Famous Classical pieces for $5.99!!!

    I picked it up on the first day. It is not available now for some unknown reason. I had a problem during the download and track #8 is corrupted but all the others seem fine. It has a total of 10.9 hours of nice music. Well worth $5.99 to me.
  22. Bigguy

    Any other old guys here?

    18 yr old trapped in a 55 yr old body
  23. Bigguy

    Hot People and Nose Picking. You Choose.

    You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friends nose! The critical thing is the proper disposition of the harvested material. And does the person pick or do they try and tickle their brain? Actually the only place to pick your nose is in the safety of your...