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  1. SysteX

    Ed Alleyne Johnson

    Does anybody else love this guy's music? For those that have never heard him, here's a video. I find it very easy to become mesmerized and lost in his music; plus I just love that thick, rich, electric violin sound. And now the million dollar question--what other musicians/bands should I look...
  2. SysteX

    Classical Rehearsal Albums?

    I've searched for similar requests, but I came up with nothing, so I'm starting this thread. What I'm looking for: albums that are (ideally) only rehearsals of classical pieces. I'm also interested in albums that have "bonus" tracks of the orchestra rehearsing, but ideally I'd like the entire...
  3. SysteX

    Songs with sentimental value

    So, I was listening to The Pixies earlier today, and when I got to the song "Velouria", I couldn't help but think of a car crash I had been in with some friends a couple years ago. Of course, we were listening to that same song when it happened. It seems that this song will forever be associated...
  4. SysteX

    Any MIT students??

    So, I'm off to MIT in 4 days. Just wanted to know if I'm heading into friendly territory (ok... so I'm still a head-fi noob, but I'm working on it). Give me a PM and I'll let you know my room so you can stop by sometime and say hello to a fellow audiophile-in-the-making (and help me with some...