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  1. Kasper

    Anybody modded the iaudio 7?

    Dropped my iaudio 7 one time too many a coupple of months ago. Suspecting the only problem to be that the outside power knob had disconnected from the electrical one. After having ruined two screw drivers trying to open it up i ordered a new iaudio 9 that works to my pleasing.   Beeing home...
  2. Kasper

    Ath w1000 with different pads anyone?

    Have any of you tried w1000 with different ath pads. (W2002, L3000?) I really love these phones and they are by far the most comfy i have ever tried, still I would like them to have a little fuller sound and more bass. I could try the fittz mod, or change the cable - maybe equinox? But...