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  1. cjc

    AKG Q701 Quincy Jones "FAKES"

    Anyone heard of any fakes being sold on this particular model? I see some that say Made in Austria and some that don't? I thought for the last several years AKG was making these in China.
  2. cjc

    Best DIY Cable for Hifiman HE-400

    Thinking about building a cable for my Hifiman HE-400's. Anyone that's tried this noticed any BIG improvement? What cable did you use?
  3. cjc

    Audio Technica ATH-ESW9A

    Anyone know where these cans are currently manufactured?
  4. cjc

    Audio Technica ATH-ESW9A

    Where are these manufactured ? USA or Japan ? I like the look of the real wood on these.
  5. cjc

    Just got a 70's Vintage Marantz Receiver

    Just bought a Marantz 4240 Stereo/Quad Receiver and I'm really enjoying the "dual" headphone jacks. Like most 70's vintage Marantz, it has that nice smooth sound and compliments my Grado 325i phones perfectly. Cool blue lights too...
  6. cjc

    Grado 325 (silver version) vs. RS-2

    Anybody own /owned both and can tell me if there is a LOT of difference in the SOUND of each. I own the SR-60 and SR-325's and love them both. I can tell a difference in the plastic and metal Grado's sound. Would adding the RS-2 be a waste of $$$. Thanks CJ
  7. cjc

    Ordered some Grado SR60's-- AGAIN!!

    I bought some Grado SR60's about 3 years ago but hardly used them after I got some Sennheiser HD580's and other cans. I eventually sold the SR60's on e-pay about 6 month's ago. I miss them. So I just ordered some new SR60's from Todd the junkie. I also am going to try the Senn yellow cushions...
  8. cjc

    Grado SR-60 OR SR- 225, Which to choose?

    How does the sound of these two phones differ? Is it similar or VERY different? Is the build quality about the same? Is the SR-225 really worth $100.00 more? Thanks
  9. cjc

    Beyerdynamic DT880 vs. DT 831

    Has anyone done a comparison to these two phones? Do they sound very similar (ie.Senn HD580/HD600) or does one clearly outshine the other? Please comment. Thanks
  10. cjc

    Vinyl Fans Using MG Head

    I would like to use my MG Head Amp with my TT (Tech 1200, Shure V15 cartridge) and Senn580's. What else MUST I use to make it work properly (ex. preamp,phonostage..)?
  11. cjc

    Phillips SACD 1000

    I bought one of these about a month ago and think it is very good at redbook. It seems to mix well with either of my Creek OBH-11/MG Head OTL amps and Senn HD580/Beyer Dt831's cans combinations. My previous Rotel and Onkyo CDP's sounded good but this player is MORE soothing to the ears during...
  12. cjc

    MG Head/Tube Rolling

    The MG Head comes with a 12ax7. Has anyone tried other base 9a tubes (ea. 5965,6211,5814,12bz7,12az7,6829,...)? Is it SAFE to try the more than 40 variations? Could it cause any Damage to the headphone amp?