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  1. i_love_hina

    New computer driving me crazy

    Hello Head-Fi,   So recently I built a new computer.  I've begun noticing a subtle but very annoying skip every now and then when listening to music.  It's not even really a skip, but it's like a small skip with a crackle.  At first I thought it was a bad recording, but I've been noticing it...
  2. i_love_hina

    DT880 - How to tell which OHM version you have?

    So recently I was curious and plugged in my 250ohm DT880 into my iPod shuffle.  To my surprise, it could get fairly loud.  Did I get shafted?  I've been told for 250ohms an amp is required, does this mean mine is actually 32 ohms? 
  3. i_love_hina

    Can someone take a look at my setup

    So right now I'm working with Laptop -> random $20 USB-optical converter -> Zero DAC via optical -> DT880's.   It looks very likely I'll be adding some tubes in the future, but before I proceed, I wanted to know if my USB-to-optical is bottlenecking my rig?  I don't know much about how this...
  4. i_love_hina

    Zero amp > AKG K701?

    I am this close to pulling the trigger on a sexy pair of K701s... however all I have to drive it is a stock Zero DAC/Amp and I have no intention of upgrading. Will it drive the K701's sufficiently, or should I stay away?
  5. i_love_hina

    A700 vs AD700

    Well it seems likely that the company I ordered AD700s from a few days ago sent me A700's instead. But before I ship it back/sell it I would like to ask if head-fiers opinion on whether or not I should keep it, bearing in mind that I listen to metal and electronic and could probably benefit from...
  6. i_love_hina

    What is the point

    ...of getting a DAC that doesn't have USB support built in, then buying another DAC that supports USB only to use that in order to link the computer to the first DAC? ????
  7. i_love_hina

    AD700's are 68$ plus 8$ shipping on amazon atm Audio Technica ATH-AD700 Open-air Dynamic Headphones: Electronics Expo EDIT: Price is back up to 80$ now. EDIT2: Down to 68$ again.
  8. i_love_hina

    How does the AD700 compare to SR60?

    From what I could gather by searching people say the AD700's excel at and gaming and movies (which I couldn't care less about... I don't game and watch movies through laptop speakers.), as well as classical and jazz. But how are the AD700's for trance/electronic and rock/metal compared to...
  9. i_love_hina

    How much improvement is the Zero DAC/USB supposed to yield?

    I ask this because recently I hooked up my SR60's to my new Zero, and while there was a definite improvement in SQ over my onboard, I felt it still sounded better with DSPs/equalizer running. I was under the impression that with a DAC/Amp, I would no longer have a need for equalizers/DSPs. Am I...