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  1. Isaansound

    Sansa Fuze V2 -TH-ES55- Rockbox -EQ settings

    OK sorry about the typo they are ATH-ES55's. After playing around a lot, I recommend NOT using crossfeed. I get distortion out of it, despite trying a fair number of recommended settings. I am now running stereo width at 110%. Dithering ON
  2. Isaansound

    Sansa Fuze V2 -TH-ES55- Rockbox -EQ settings

    I'm really liking my new setup, but being a "budget beater", it's not perfect. I've been getting some help from FLACvest (thanks!). These settings for the EQ seem to be pretty close. Anyone with reactions, suggestions, etc....?   bo +8db 40hz Q 1.0 (LS) b1 -5db 250hz Q .6 b2 -4.5db...
  3. Isaansound

    ATH-ES55 Quick Impressions: Favorite Headphone Under $100

    About 20 hours on them now. Wow, so nice! Diana Krall or Madonna, either way, they sound so nice. Worth the wait.
  4. Isaansound

    Audio Technica ATH-ES55 Review

    I suppose a certain amount of what we hear is the mastering of the music, and the DAC of the player. In my own case, I've worked around loud noise much of my life, but I found the OP analysis to be exactly what I got. The "harshness I mentioned was "shouty" vocals. This has cleared up. I agree...
  5. Isaansound

    Audio Technica ATH-ES55 Review

    I just got a new pair today. They were a little harsh for 30 minutes or so, seem to be smoothing out already.How long is the break in? So far I'm really impressed with the sound and the comfort, especially for the price. Bought from HK and am pretty sure they are genuine.
  6. Isaansound

    New amp for my 650

    The size is the clincher. You need SS.  The Sansui and the Sweet Peach are not in the same universe. BTW it's old enough that the caps are probably bad. That could well be the cause of what you don't like.
  7. Isaansound

    Damping factor. Why it is not always as important as some make it out to be.

    From Wikipedia:"In electronics, impedance matching is the practice of designing the input impedance of an electrical load (or the output impedance of its corresponding signal source) to maximize the power transfer or minimize reflections from the load." The issue of air loading of bass...
  8. Isaansound

    What does impedance have to do with sound quality?

    Impedance is a result of 2 different situations: resistive, or reactive. Resistive impedance is the result of components which act like resistors. Resistive impedance is the same across all frequencies. Reactive impedance is caused by components that act like inductors (coils) and/or capacitors...
  9. Isaansound

    Latest review for ALPEN E17 from headfonia.

    Come to Thailand, its $130 here. :-)
  10. Isaansound

    Topping TP 30 + JBL Studio 130 Setup = some distorted sound?

    Your amp puts out max 10w at 8 ohm.  Since transistor amps clip above rated value, they need to be sized for the peak above a desired listening level.  Sound, like light, drops to 1/4 every time you double distance. Without going any further into this,  you aren't going to get what you want...
  11. Isaansound

    Portable closed back showdown.

    I too am on a search for the right cans. After spending a lot of time reading various reviews I had it narrowed down to the Senn px-200ii or the Audio Tec. ATH-ES55. As the originator of this thread asked for help choosing among several models, I find it interesting that he chose to dismiss one...
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