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  1. pez

    iBasso D4 or D10 for Grado SR325i

    Hey guys, I'm wondering what the best will be?  I'm not sure I really need portability, so that's not a big issue.  It seems the difference between the two that is the biggest is USB/Aux/Line-out vs. Optical/Coaxial/Line-Out.  I recently got a Creative X-Fi Titanium HD and I love it.  It...
  2. pez

    Headphones to replace SR60 for Gaming and Movies?

    I just got my SR325(i)s and it basically does everything that the Grado SR60 didn't for me.  Now I'm looking for a 'phone to maybe replace the Grados for games and movies for when I go back to college.  It's a 99% chance that I'll be trading these, so something within the ~$70-80 price range.
  3. pez

    Lost my Ety ER-6i :(

    So, I think I've lost my Ety ER-6i . I was looking for them this morning because I plan on getting a 160GB Classic today. I can't find them though . I went home for the weekend and my mom checked my room today and said she didn't see them or the pouch I keep them in. I only remember using them...
  4. pez

    Best Cans for Hardcore/Metal ($300-500)

    I'm deciding if I want to upgrade my IEM's or my fullsize headphones, and I'm thinking I would end up with a better upgrade if I upgraded my full size headphones. My only dilemma with high end cans is amping. I have a cMoy, and that's it. It has high/low gain and a bass boost. I would be...
  5. pez

    Need foo_alac for Foobar

    I just currently got foobar the way I wanted, but I've searched and can't find an ALAC decoder that's not v1.0.3. I'm using Foobar and the newest version doesn't work with it. I'm curious to see if anyone year has a foo_alac.dll that's probably v0.9 or less.
  6. pez

    Refurb Creative X-Fi Xtreme Music for $45

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but there are two left. There was three, but I ordered one, and now one is left . Creative Labs Outlet Store - Deals, clearance items, and refurbished MP3 players, sound cards, speakers, cameras, and more
  7. pez

    Grado SR60 to SR225(i) or Senn 595?

    It's been quite a bit since I've been into the audio market, let alone on this forum. I've had my SR60's for about a year and a half now and have to say I'm pretty impressed. Unamped they are amazing, and with my cMoy, the bass boost is a very very nice feature, but the gain (even when set to...
  8. pez

    Upgrade from Grado SR-60?

    I've had my Grado's for about a year and 2 months now, and I love them, and I've actually avoided this site in fears of spending more money, but now I'm curious as if there are any headphones for around ~$120 that could be considered as an upgrade. I love my Grado's, but it'd be nice for...
  9. pez

    My new toy :D.

    Well since I had been spending a lot of money going to the movies lately with the girlfriend and leaving myself basically nothing left to spend, I decided to splurge a little on myself yesterday since I recieved my check for helping out w/ the polling places earlier this month. What did I buy...
  10. pez

    Is this safe to do?

    Ok I know some of you may laugh, but I am doing this as a plea for good sound quality from my computer and because I'm still young and broke, so I want to make sure this is safe to do before I continue doing this. Here is what I've done. I just received a pair of speakers for my birthday which I...
  11. pez

    New Speakers+(reciever?)+Computer Audio

    Ok, wasn't sure which section I should put this in, but it's more of a computer type question. I got an early Birthday present the other day, and I am completly surprised. I got a pair of Cerwin-Vega D-3's. They're 3-way with 10" woofer, 6" mid and about a 3-3 1/2 tweeter or something of the...
  12. pez

    Windows Media Player vs. iTunes (Read before voting, and explain your reasoning please)

    Ok, I have been going through the decision of whether or not I want to continue using Apple products or just go straight out Windows. As Vista has had updates, I have no problem with it now, and I am very pleased how quickly and well integrated WMP works with Vista. Here's my dilemna. I love...
  13. pez

    Sony A816 vs Sony S616 vs Creative Zen 4GB.

    Ok, so I am planning to sell my 30gb iPod, as my main source at home is going to be my computer through my HPM 1500's and I really don't need a 30gb iPod for the 4 gigs I'm able to listen to. So basically I'm looking for a better sounding portable dap to replace it for under $140, and I have...
  14. pez

    Grado SR325i, AKG K701, or Beyer DT880?

    Well lately, I have been having a very bad case of upgraditis. I have been able to hold back, but let me tell you the situation. I will be recieving a reciever soon (Onkyo TX-SR303), and I am going to connect my HPM-1500's to them and run them off of my computer (Apple Lossless Encoded tracks)...
  15. pez

    Help Please Grados are vibrating...

    I'm not sure exactly when it started happening, but I've been using my Grado's for PC Games and Music. But...., now there is something vibrating/rattling around inside of the left ear cabinet and it's irritating the crap out of me and I'm scared to death of taking these apart. I've taken care of...
  16. pez


    I have a question Todd, It's not about vinyls :/, but about ordering on your site, I have two questions actually. One, when I order and use a coupon/code, do I put it in that text box after entering the shipping? And the second; I have a quote price from your site, and a $10 off coupon code for...
  17. pez

    The last survey for me...

    OK, I have always kept my eye on the ATH-A700, because I don't have enough nor can my budget reach up to the ATH-A900. So I have already been looking at the K 240 Studios, but now I need to know which is better. I want to have bass go pretty deep, because I love rumble, and I want some bass if...
  18. pez

    Headphone Stand/Rack

    Ok I don't really know where else in the forum to post this, but I want opinions and if possible pictures and places to get a holder/stand/rack for my headphones. I'd prefer they not be on the wall, but if so, minimum amount of holes.
  19. pez

    Penguin Amp

    So I have a question about this being paired with a pair of K240 Studio's. I want to know if these will work fine and improve the AKG's, because I also want to be able to use them with my IEM's, when used on my computer. So tell me how would this be, and I can't really see the diff. b/w the...
  20. pez

    Sennheiser HD280 Pro or AKG 240 Studio

    Basically, I want the headphone with the deepest bass and that extends low. I can take a little bit of bloat and boominess, but not a whole lot. Of course I will burn them in. So which one?
  21. pez

    Which <$100?

    I will be running these headphones eventually out of a nice reciever and a 100 disc cd changer. Since I am also purchasing some nice floorstanding speakers, I would like some decent/best value headphones for under $100. I need a pair that ends in a 3.5mm b/c until i get the CD changer I will...
  22. pez

    Etymotic ER-6i Foamies

    I noticed lately that my peach foamies that were included with my Ety's were getting sticky (from earwax), so I took the chance to put them under cold water and clean them (no soap, just cold water and squeezing them). I squeezed all the water I could from them and then let them dry for about 30...
  23. pez 3 in red

    I just noticed earphone solutions has the Red UE3's now.
  24. pez

    Skullcandy Smokin' Buds Ink'd

    OK OK OK, I know you guys are gonna go "What" when you see this, but I took a look through some of my "cheapy" IEM's/Canalphones last night and I found these. I had recieved them from my uncle and they were free, so I can't complain. Anyways, I decided to plug these into my iPod Shuffle and see...
  25. pez


    I know people say that the Shure Black Olives fit the Ety ER-6i's, but does that mean the soft flex sleeves and others fit them too? Also, what size in foamies would I wear? I use the large silicone tips on my UE SF3's and the foamies for the UE's are a little too small for my ears, could...