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  1. papijoe08

    Most Durable In-Ear Headphones?

    Maybe the aurisonics rockets would be perfect for you! It's a military grade titanium iem with kevlar reinforced cables. :)
  2. papijoe08

    Introducing the T10i, an all new IEM from RHA

    SUBBED! Another exciting product! Good job guys! I'm looking forward to hear this one soon! :) MA750 is a highly popular model here in the Philippines so I'm sure this will make an impact too. Cheers! Papijoe  
  3. papijoe08

    LG Quadbeat 2 Impressions Thread

    My QB2's mic just stopped working and broken already. Fortunately, QB2 is moddable. :) Will be recabling it in a while with my old broken tip fiio ue silver coated braided cables.  
  4. papijoe08

    Havi B3 Pro-1 Impressions Thread

    Just got my havi b3 pro 1 :) subbed
  5. papijoe08

    Tekfusion® Twinwoofers® In-Ear Headphones - Reviewers Needed!

    Count me in sir! :) Our blog site is currently one of the top tech site in the Philippines and we love the community and doing audio reviews as well
  6. papijoe08

    LG Quadbeat 2 Impressions Thread

    Got mine! thanks inks for the impressions. :) Will now judge it!
  7. papijoe08

    free gifts of RE600, HM700 and RE400

    Now following Hifiman on those pages! :) Outside of head-fi world I am a web developer, tech blogger and a social media marketing specialist, maybe it's better to use rafflecopter in running a giveaway? In that sense people will be randomly selected (computer generated) and you can reach more...
  8. papijoe08

    VSONIC VC02 Thread

    Have you tried VC02's large Purple dome tips? That's quite good for shallow insertion. By the way VC02's sounds the best when deeply inserted. Maybe it's just a matter of your adjusting to it, comfort level is very high as well too.
  9. papijoe08

    The Monoprice MP9927 PG 208.. MP8320 (MEP-933)..The $7.11 club..

    Just joined the club, definitely the best value under $40 :)
  10. papijoe08

    The new IEM of Vsonic VSD 3S ( impression updated by smailbz)

    Now where's my vsd3 / 5! :) Happy New Year Head-fi and Vsonic please release the IEM now! :)
  11. papijoe08

    VSONIC VC02 Thread

    I have had and listened to more expensive iems but I just kept on coming back to vc02 (my sound sig), this indeed is a real special gem. I have also heard from a friend that vc02's newer batch sounds a little better than the old batch way back early january of 2013. I'm not that sure with info...
  12. papijoe08

    VSONIC VC02 Thread

    That's not a heat shrink, its just the smallest eartips of vc02 I regularly use it to lock the drivers without gluing it. It's a simple mod I discovered and its very effective to lock the drivers.    
  13. papijoe08

    VSONIC VC02 Thread

    Just broke my left driver (I repaired/soldered it before, but I failed to repair it when it broke again [it melted]) . After almost a year of service. bbye vc02. thanks for all the good music.
  14. papijoe08

    FiiO E6 - story of the tiny amp continues... (w/ review on 1st page)

    Yah dude the e6 really looks like a shuffle haha and you're right sad but LOL, I'll just get another e6 or maybe something else with the same form factor as the e6 and e5 like the nuforce mmp. 
  15. papijoe08

    FiiO E6 - story of the tiny amp continues... (w/ review on 1st page)

    Tragic day today, after more than 2 years of service my fiio e6 w/ l8 have been stolen (maybe the thief thought it was a mini mp3 player). A job well done to my old friend that made me enjoyed numerous iems / headphones for the past years. It was the only truly portable amp I've had (my cmoy...
  16. papijoe08

    The FiiO X1 Discussion and Help and Support Thread |192K/24B|100mW | LO | inline remote

    B looks so much sweeter and sleeker to eyes, a budget version of x3 would be effing amazing! :) bbye sansa's :) We'll be keeping an eye on this. I mean I'll be grabbing this immediately once its out! 1st quarter of 2014? or 2nd quarter would be great! :) 
  17. papijoe08

    VSonic VSD1/VSD1S Reviews/Impression Thread

    Am I the only one here who prefer vc02 over vsd1/s? :) Or maybe I like vc02 better because its a little closer to RE400 sound sig when properly eq'ed. :)
  18. papijoe08

    VSONIC VC1000 - new dual BA IEM - Info & expectations thread

      Maybe you've had dynamic iems before. Unfortunately armature drivers tend to get damaged when exposed to water, I don't know if they'll still honor your warranty.
  19. papijoe08

    Pictures of Your *Budget-Fi* Portable Rig (< $200)

      Great budget gooooodies box! :))) I'd love to have something like that soon LOL :)
  20. papijoe08

    Brainwavz R3 Expectations and Info

    Good to know, I believe that this unit will have a following soon. :) Looks ultra durable and comfy too.
  21. papijoe08

    "How to" - Best custom tips for IEMs ever. IMHO. with pics

    Quote: Wow that's great best of luck! :) a no ink metal parker pen with sharp tip also be a great alternative LOL :)
  22. papijoe08

    "How to" - Best custom tips for IEMs ever. IMHO. with pics

    I think so, because I believe comfort is extremely important. I'd rather listen to an IEM that has an average sound with amazing comfort than and IEM with amazing SQ with poor comfort. :)
  23. papijoe08

    Shure SE215 or Klipsch Image S4 (II) - What would you choose?

    Also consider GR01 from Vsonic, but I think RE-400 is perfect for your music preference. If you want something cheap that is a step-up over S4 and SE215 also consider Vsonic VC02 ($40)