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  1. kellybundy110

    burson ha- 160 pairing suggestions top 3

    came across the burson ha-160 amp want to pair it up with something that sounds good.
  2. kellybundy110

    akg702 to the hd800

    anyone have made this jump ? thoughts plss
  3. kellybundy110

    Eddie Vedder - The Times They Are A-Changin'

      salute to Bob Dylan if anyone has eddies performance in lossless private message me pls :)
  4. kellybundy110

    whats the "go to" amp for the Audeze LCD-2

    the most common and rewarding amp to experience the lcd-2 with. thanks.
  5. kellybundy110

    the life of a headphone does it start losing its crispnes or quality ?

    hey guys just wondering say, do the hd 650 over the years maybe like 10 years start going down in quality just from use ?
  6. kellybundy110

    1200$ Amp & Headphones reccomendations

    looking for a headphone and amp setup that compliment each other well, i already own a dac.
  7. kellybundy110

    What do you set your foobar volum too?

    i just max it out to 0.00 db was wondering if this was the best way to go ?  
  8. kellybundy110

    Clicking noise when turning on the dacmagic is this normal ?

    sounds like the click you hear when you turn on an amp.
  9. kellybundy110

    foobar output dither on or off ?

    hey i use dacmagic 16bit was wondering if i should have dither on or off ? what does it do exactly ?
  10. kellybundy110

    What filters do you use for the Dac Magic?

    linear,minimum,or steep ?   i find steep better for vocals iunoo
  11. kellybundy110

    500$ DAC recommendations

    I was going to go with the DAC MAGIC but im sure there are other options out there.
  12. kellybundy110

    Gipsy Kings - Hotel California 1080p HD - Everyone Has to listen to this

    Nobody ****s with the Jesus!  
  13. kellybundy110

    Dacmagic Question

    whats the best way to connect to pc usb or toslink ?
  14. kellybundy110

    HRT Streamer+ wasapi+foobar = white noise ??

    anyone can help me resolve this i can hear the music but there are some small white noise.
  15. kellybundy110

    Best Speakers for 100$ ?

    hey, what are the best 100$ speakers right now ?
  16. kellybundy110

    is there a beginners guide to amp,soudcards,etc?

    just getting into audio feel a little overwhelmed, is there a beginners guide or a FAQ anywhere?