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  1. Spiug31

    Anyone using a Zerosurge or Brickwall surge protector in the UK ?

    Is anyone in the UK using a Zerosurge or Brickwall surge protector ? I've asked zerosurge and they say they can fit it for 240v, (though with the standard US plug type and receptacles,) if anyone in the UK is using one of these I'd be greatful for some feedback on your experiences. thanks...
  2. Spiug31

    Does anyone have experience of Xhadow or Bocchino XLR's ?

    Hi, Is anyone using the Boscchino or Xhadow XLR's ? I'd be interseted in any infomation on how these two sound in comparison to any of the rest (Furutech, Vampire, Neutrik, DH Labs, etc.)
  3. Spiug31

    Any impressions of the Bocchino "Le Power Chord!" ?

    Has anyone had a chance to hear a Bocchino "Le Power Chord!" lepowerchord Any impressions ?
  4. Spiug31

    Which high-end headphones for low volume listening ?

    Which high end headphones for low volume listening ? I have my mini-dac as source (via usb) and am now looking for the right headphones and therefor amp to go with it. I'd like to listen to music (rock, pop, electronica/trance, classical orchestral works, baroque, folk etc.) at low volumes...
  5. Spiug31

    <$500 amp suggestions for a Proline 750 ?

    Hello, I would like some suggestions on amps that pair particularly well with the Proline 750's and are in the $500 or less price range. The music I listen to varies across rock, pop, electronica / dance and classical. This amp will fit between my Apogee mini-dac and my Proline 750's while I...
  6. Spiug31

    how do *you* discover the right resistor load for a headphone

    Hi, I would like to know how people have calculated the resistive load sweet spot for their headphones. eg. KSC-75 is mentioned as being happier when a 75 ohm resistor is added, DT880 I think I read is happier with 120 ohms etc. etc. and it is mentioned under Impedance Optimisation at...
  7. Spiug31

    a comparison please - amadana PE-117 vs PK1 vs q-Jays

    I have the PE-117 and when I press it in to get a good seal I like its stridency and strong clear sound. I am however stuck with pressing them in place to get their best. My signal chain is mini-dac -> Corda Move -> PE-117 For sound quality alone how do the PE-117 compare to a Yuin PK1 or...
  8. Spiug31

    Is there a difference between shipping and postage ?

    Is there a difference between shipping and postage in America ? I notice that USPS is a postal service but most sites and US sellers talk in terms of shipping. I'm just curious to know if this is personal preference or whether it can be explained ? edit: As far as I know in the UK all...
  9. Spiug31

    Has anyone spotted schematics for the Apogee mini-dac on the web ?

    Has anyone spotted schematics for the Apogee mini-dac available on the web ? I am particullarly interested in the power section of the board to help figure out what power supplies will be optimal for the mini-dac.
  10. Spiug31

    What are you using to power your mini-dac ?

    I'd like to know what you are powering your mini-dac with and how you think it compares to the default power supply.
  11. Spiug31

    Better to have one capacitor or many for running a mini-dac from an SLA battery ?

    I am thinking of getting a battery power supply made up so I can run my mini-dac from it. I have read that adding a capacitor to the cable between battery and device has a beneficial effect (provides a fast response time when power demand rapidly increases). I would like to know in the...
  12. Spiug31

    Would balancing my Proline 750's be worthwhile ?

    I've just bought an Apogee mini-dac (currently in the post) and I am wondering whether recabling my Proline 750's to use its balanced output would be a worthwhile undertaking ? Has anyone converted their Prolines to accept balanced input and if so what were your impressions.
  13. Spiug31

    My ESP950's right earcup is hissing - help please

    Hello all, I have a problem with my newly acquired Koss ESP950's: My right earcup is hissing - this hiss doesn't vary with volume nor is there any sign of hiss from my left earcup, apart from this issue both the earcups play music very well. I have searched for "koss, ESP950 and static /...
  14. Spiug31

    I need three simple battery connectors made - help please

    Request filled - no further help needed Hello all, I need three simple battery connectors made with DC plugs fitted onto their unterminated ends. 2 x PP3 connectors fitted with center positive 2.1mm plugs 1 x PP3 conector fitted with a 0.7mm x 2.35mm center positive DC plug I live in...
  15. Spiug31

    Portable dac with coax and toslink input ?

    Hello all, I am looking for a portable DAC with: Coaxial input Toslink input Battery power 20+hours (not SLA battery) Mini stereo jack output footprint no larger than 105mm (4.1") x 610mm (2.4") NOS or non-NOS I am open to either. This dac is going to be paired with my...
  16. Spiug31

    How efficient are the Proline 750's ?

    Hi all, I'd like to know how efficient the Proline 750's are when compared to any of these three: HD650 Sony MDR-V6 Sony MDR-7506 There doesn't seem to be much information around about this so I'd appreciate some help. I'm trying to work out if these are than the HD650's at the same...
  17. Spiug31

    Anyone compared NKK-01 to the NKK-01se ?

    I am considering upgrading my Rudistor NKK-01 to an NKK-01se (minus the DAC) has anyone had a chance to compare the sound of these ? I'm housebound so can't travel to compare them in person. The amp takes RCA from an Empirical Audio moddified Edirol UA-5 and will feed it to a Proline 750...