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  1. Luxman D-08 SACD Player

    One owner with relatively few hours of use. In very good condition. We took this unit in as a trade in and are looking for a good home for it. It sounds excellent and was previously the top of the line SACD player from Luxman. Original boxes and packaging included.
  2. Esoteric K-01SACD Player

    An excellent SACD/CD player. It is in good condition with no noticeable marks or dings. Only 1 owner. We took this unit in as a trade-in and have tested it here in our shop. It is in perfect working order! It has remote and manual and we will include a power cable with it. The original box is...
  3. Todd

    New Loaner program - Meze Elite

    HI All, sennfan83261 should be receiving the Elite any day now - let the listening begin! I am really looking forward to all of your impressions! Also, we do have 1 left in stock if anyone is looking to own one. Todd
  4. Todd

    New Loaner program - Meze Elite

    I took absolutely no offense for asking why USA only... at TTVJAudio we try to do things differently, think outside the box and serve our customers as best we can. These loaner programs benefit everyone. People get to audition before purchase, other members get to learn from their experiences...
  5. Todd

    New Loaner program - Meze Elite

    Hi Sharppain, I am a reseller - and an American business- not Meze Audio. I am only permitted to sell the Meze headphones in the USA. I am sure that Meze will do something for the rest of the world. This is my businesses pair of the Elite. Sorry I cannot accommodate you. Here is the list for...
  6. Todd

    Labor Day Sale @

    HI All, Happy Labor Day Weekend!!! We are offering 10% off of all our USED/SALES Gear and have some great deals in our Deal of the Day category for Labor Day Weekend. Sales starts now! No Code needed - discount given at checkout. We have recently added 3 premier older SACD players to our...
  7. Todd

    New Loaner program - Meze Elite

    Hi All, I have had a large number of participants sign up so I have to close it to anyone else for now. Once everyone that has signed up has had their week with it, I will start another loaner program. Thanks for all the interest. It will ship out to the first person on the list next Wednesday...
  8. Todd

    New Loaner program - Meze Elite

    Hi Al;l, We are offering a loaner program for the new Meze Elite headphones. We would like participants that are looking to buy the Elite headphones and buy them from if they are the headphone you are looking for. If you are interested, the rules are below the pictures. We look...
  9. Todd

    Meze Audio Elite Headphones @

    Announcing the new Meze Elite Headphone... IN STOCK! Introducing the new flagship Meze Elite headphone available! We have been a big fan of the Meze headphones - in particular the Empyreans and now they have been surpassed by the new Elite model! A blend of outstanding...
  10. TEAC UD505 Headphone Amp and DAC Black

    My demo unit. Original price was $1699. Great sounding unit in perfect working order. no visible scratches or dings.
  11. TEAC UD 505 Headphone amp and DAC Black

    My demo unit. This is a very good headphone amp and DAC. Original packaging. Price new was $1700
  12. Todd

    New from Esoteric! The N-05XD Network Audio Player

    HI All, First, the DAC section in this unit can NO WAY be compared to a $500 DAC. There is absolutely no comparison. The build quality is superior to most anything built in all of audio. Sorry but on this one you are very wrong Sonic Defender. The actual statement piece from Esoteric is the...
  13. Meze Empyrean Black Copper Headphones

    My personal demo pair. These are one of my favorite headphones. Comes with single ended stock cable. Extra ear pads have never been used.
  14. Todd

    Comment by 'Todd' on listing 'Esoteric K-01Xs Premium SACD/CD Player used'

    The unit is 120v US version. I am an authorized Esoteric Dealer and will only have 120v versions available. Todd
  15. Esoteric K-01Xs Premium SACD/CD Player used

    This Esoteric K-01Xs is a little over 2 years old, We took it in as a trade in. It has been thoroughly inspected and tested by TAP Electronics as well as by us here at TTVJAudio and performs as if it was brand new. It has less than 1 year of actual use. The K-01Xs was originally $23,000 new...
  16. HEDDphone HP-1 Demo

    This is our demo HEDDphone used in our loaner program. It is in good condition and photo's are of this unit.
  17. Todd

    New from Esoteric! The N-05XD Network Audio Player

    Hi All, Esoteric will begin shipping their new N-05XD Network Audio Player in September! This is a premier audiophile Network Player that includes a balanced headphone amp, operates as a Preamplifier and has the ultimate DAC inside - the Esoteric Master Sound Discrete DAC found in their top of...
  18. Todd

    Cd/SACD/DAC Players @

    HI All, Today we are featuring some of the great digital source components we have to offer. They vary in price but all deliver a lot for the money spent! Our least expensive offering and a great value is the TEAC PD-301-X CD Player and FM Tuner. It is surprisingly good and is compact for...
  19. Todd

    Sennheiser IE900 and other great headphones in STOCK at

    HI All, First, we would like to make everyone aware of our price match policy - if you have a quote in writing (email, or from a webpage) and you send it to us we will match or beat the price of any of our competitors. We are here to deliver quality products at competitive pricing and with...
  20. Todd

    New Grado SR-225X loaner program

    Hi All, We are now taking requests for participation in our new Grado SR-225X loaner program. Same rules as always... the SR-225X will ship out by Friday of this week to the first one to sign up. Loaner Program Rules: Send your name and address, telephone number and your Head-Fi user name...
  21. Todd

    New Loaner Program - TEAC UD-505 Headphone amp and DAC!

    Hi All, The tour has been completed and the loaner will be going on sale in our used gear sale tomorrow for $1300. If you want it before I get it up on the site, give me a call at 406-285-3910. Todd
  22. Todd

    Focal Clear MG loaner program

    We sent the Clear MG off last week so we hope to start to see some reviews here soon. I hope you all enjoy your time with them. And my shameless plug - we have them in stock and ready to ship so if you are looking for a great pair of headphones you can call us or order online! 406-285-3910 or...
  23. Todd

    Focal Clear MG loaner program

    Here is the list. I will add 2 more people if there is interest. It should ship out mid week next week - around April 1. Focal Clear MG Loaner Participants 1 sennfan83261 2 FJLabs 3 elira 4 eskamobob1 5 Treesin 6 fuzzychaos 7 mauaudiocr 8 Relaxasaurus Todd
  24. Todd

    Focal Clear MG loaner program

    HI All, We are sending the Focal Clear MG Headphones out to the first 10 loaner participants to sign up. Loaner rules apply - see below the picture for the RULES. We expect to ship early next week to the first one to sign up. We are going to give them a listen here and break them in before we...
  25. Todd

    IN STOCK!!! Focal Clear MG Headphones

    Hi All, The new Focal Clear MG headphones are in stock and shipping from! Order today and they will ship out within 24 hours. List Price $1490