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  1. ScubadudeSA

    Volumio Primio network streamer impressions Great write-up @wietschebehr !
  2. ScubadudeSA

    HD800 cable reterminate headphone end

    Hi all, I tried searching but found nothing I could use. I have two HD800 cables that have perished (and have intermittent drop-outs) in the section between the Y-joint and the ear-cup connector. I understand this is a fairly common problem on older HD800's. Apart from the perished outer...
  3. ScubadudeSA

    Possible to tell Audeze driver revisons apart visually?

    Hi all,   I have two pairs of LCD-2 Rev 2 pre-fazor.  The first set is a very early rosewood pair while the other is a late 2016 unit believed to have been made up to special customer requirement from the Audeze parts bin long after production of pre-fazors officially ceased.    And a super...