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  1. lookingforIEMs

    FLAC or any other high res formats

    Is there a physical shop to purchase FLAC or any high res format? Excuse me for being a noob but its currently alien territory to me that I'd like to cross into it. Only problem is 1) i have no wifi, only phone data plan 2) i'd need parents help to purchase online ( hard to get help from them )...
  2. lookingforIEMs

    Write your crazy wacky weird ideas on headphones here!

    Hey guys I'm starting this thread to see if anybody has weird but innovative ideas about headphones. To get this thread started, here's my wacky idea about how iem drivers should be made!
  3. lookingforIEMs

    Any thoughts on the soul sl49s and sl99s?

    I don't see much reviews or information on them. I understand that head-fi is not really a place for celebrity headgear, however, i hope that i get an opinion on these iems. P.s. Do they need amps e.g the fiio e6 to perform better??