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  1. AlbanianBoy

    What are the diffrences between the SONY mdr xb500 and the xb700

    ah okay thank you very much, but i will chose the 500, not necessarily for the bass (cause you told me that there is not so much difeerences), why, the xb500 cost 50$ less then the 700, so if i can save 50$ for almost the same sound ill do it, thank you again 
  2. AlbanianBoy

    Between those 3 headphones which one is the best

    So i am a Bass lover and between those 3 headphones, which one is the ** Bassest** (the one who has more bass).   Cause i am sure that the 3 have a good sound quality i have no doubt about it, So i was hesitating and i said to myself :  - If i know that they all have a good sound quality...
  3. AlbanianBoy

    The BeyerDynamic DT 770 80ohm cost now 200$ are they worth it ?

    Okay thank you, but maybe He sells fake no ?
  4. AlbanianBoy

    The BeyerDynamic DT 770 80ohm cost now 200$ are they worth it ?

    Title says everything
  5. AlbanianBoy

    Are The: JVC HA-M5X worth it ?

    They seem very good and are now avaible for only 60$ so do you think that they are worth it ?
  6. AlbanianBoy

    30$ MAX

    I do not know if I am in the good section of the forums for this, cause the site have so many forums and all those things. So I would like some good speaker (with Bass) for my computer but I would like that if it is 30$ max. (Cause I live MTL and here I have 18%taxes on electronics. Thank you...
  7. AlbanianBoy

    i do not have so much money

    thank you oh and fabio-fi its not for desktop, i use it when i am outside
  8. AlbanianBoy

    To be honest, i really like the v-moda lp

    no, but beats = crap, what i like with vmoda lp is the bass and inever listen to other better bass, i mean like the impact of the bas, the bpfth it does each second
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