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  1. ls13coco

    Unable to use messaging?

    I haven't run into this before, but I'm trying to replying to a member who is selling a pair of headphones. Haven't been able to reply all day to him, or anyone else. Server error occurred. Anyone else?
  2. ls13coco

    High end SS amp ideas

    I'm trying to make a shortlist of high-end solid state balanced amps with a 3K usd budget. I've already decided on what tube amp I want to sell my gear off towards, being the Cayin HA-6A. I haven't done nearly the amount of research towards SS amps. Currently I have the 789, which I find a...
  3. ls13coco

    Diy headphone cable Canada

    I'm finally taking the plunge on building some headphone cables as I've started using my AKG 712 a lot more, which has an awful cable. Figured I'd make a balanced cable for the Sundara and HD6xx while I'm at it. I compiled a list on redco and also paracordplanet but shipping can be a bit of a B...
  4. ls13coco

    Help with splitters/Sys/loki to multiple inputs

    Okay, so this is an aspect of this hobby that I have an absolute weakness with. Here, I am absolutely lost. What I am trying to do; Hook up multiple amps, through a loki, to multiple dacs. So as it stands, I have 5 stand alone amps right now which all take turns feeding into a amp/dac combo...
  5. ls13coco

    Optical solution for PC

    Hey all, I'm wondering what would be the best/cheapest way to gain the ability to connect my DACs to my PC with optical, which has a motherboard lacking optical and s/pdif. I'm happy with usb, I'd just like the option as I'm running low on open ports and would like to also compare for any...
  6. ls13coco

    Looking for some source recommendations

    Hi all, just got back into the hobby (the research/buying aspect) recently. At the top of my list is the THX AAA 789, Monoprice Liquid Platinum, El Stack, and Jot with Modi. Darkvoice is a consideration too, but in last. Would be great to hear some feedback from anyone who's used multiple of...
  7. ls13coco

    Analytical HP's

    I'm looking for feedback on people's too choices for analytical headphones with up most detail and clarity. So far, my watched items for such are the beyerdynamic DT 1990, Audio-Technica AD-2000x, HD800/s and the Ether Flow open or closed. Currently own (for those on mobile) the HE400i, K712...
  8. ls13coco

    What next?

    So I've kind of gone deep into this hobby. I'd like to hear some suggestions from people on what I should add to my collection. I'm looking to get 2 more headphones, at least one of them being planar. The HD 6xx and Ether Flow are the top two, Flow replacing the LCD-X and 4 due to cost and what...
  9. ls13coco

    HD 600 or 650?

    Hey all, so I've been researching the differences yet still would like more input. Currently, I have the HD 598, HE400i and a 712 Pro showing up tomorrow hopefully, though it was supposed to show up last month too.. lol. I'm using a Creative X7 as an amp/dac and ordered 4 new op-amps, and...
  10. ls13coco

    HE400i and gain

    Hi all, so this morning I just received my HifiMan HE400i. I'm currently using the Creative Soundblaster X7 as my Amp/DAC and that has been paired with my Sennheiser 598's. On the X7 thread, many people were suggesting to each other that the high gain setting is simply better, gives everything...