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  1. JD1993

    Noble Audio Savant Bass Response

    I'm very tempted to buy the Noble Audio Savants, but from reading the reviews, I'm worried they might not have enough bass for me. Up to this point, I used the ultimate ears UE 900s, but they just broke on me. Has anyone used both the Savant and the UE900s? How is the Savant's bass response...
  2. JD1993

    Closed-back portable headphones for at or under $600?

    I'm looking for a pair of closed-back headphones that I'll be able to take out and around with me. My current at-home headphones are the Audeze LCD-2s. I'd like to find a pair of closed back headphones with similar characteristics/sound if at all possible. Thanks!
  3. JD1993

    Oppo PM-3 vs Audeze EL-8

    I want to find a pair of closed back headphones that I can use outside. I currently use the Audeze LCD-2s for when I'm at home. I listen to a lot of blues, blues-rock, rock, easy listening, jazz, classical, etc. Pretty much anything except EDM, rap, and country. I typically lean towards...
  4. JD1993

    Are the AKG K7XX a good replacement for the Beyerdynamic T90s?

    My T90s are on their way out, and I'm looking for a replacement. Are the K7XX's a good replacement for them? Would there be a big drop/gain in overall quality? Any other recommendations?    Thanks!
  5. JD1993

    Audeze EL-8 - Any places to try these out in NYC?

    Is there anywhere in NYC where I can try out the new Audeze EL-8 closed-backs? I'm planning on buying them but I don't want to drop $700 without giving them a listen first. Thanks!
  6. JD1993

    Amps for the Beyerdynamic T90s (~$300)

    I recently purchased a pair of Beyerdynamic T90s and have been absolutely amazed by them. However, I have found them to be too bright, harsh, and missing warmth and body. I am currently pairing them with the Schiit Asgard 2, which I originally got for my Mad Dogs, and have not been so happy with...
  7. JD1993

    Looking for an around $300 setup that can run the Mad Dogs w/ Alpha Pads

    I'm in love with these headphones and would like to be able to use them around the house or in the car. Do you have any recommendations for a ~$300 portable set up? I would prefer it to be either a portable DAC/Amp + Music player or just a music player. Thanks!
  8. JD1993

    Beyerdynamic DT-990 250 OHM vs 250 OHM Pros?

    On Amazon the DT-990 250 Ohms are $429, while the 250 OHM Pros are $300. This is a bit confusing to me. Can anyone clarify why there's such a big price difference, and if that really means anything? Thanks.
  9. JD1993

    Desktop DAC/AMP Combos for the Mad Dogs w/ Alpha Pads?

    I've been using the FiiO E09K/E17 with my Mad Dogs w/ Alpha Pads and it sounds good, but I know that I can do better if I am willing to spend a bit more. For now, let's say my budget is $500 or less. What can you recommend for an amplifier and a DAC? Also, size is a bit of a constraint seeing as...
  10. JD1993

    Schiit amps for the Mad Dogs W/ Alpha Pads

    For the past month or so I've been planning to buy the Schiit Valhalla and the Bifrost. However, a friend informed me on how they didn't sound much different from the Magni and Modi, with the Mad Dogs. Is this really true? If not, which one is better? 
  11. JD1993

    Samsung Galaxy S4 compatible portable DAC/AMPs?

    So I recently got a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I want to start using it for music instead of bringing along my iPod Video Classic. However, the headphones/IEMs I use for portable listening are the HiFiMAN RE-262s and the Mad Dogs w/ Alpha Pads. Both of which are not necessarily easy headphones to...
  12. JD1993

    ~$500 close-eared, over-eared headphones that I need to order TONIGHT!

    So I need to place an order on good closed-back over eared headphones tonight so I can get them by friday (With 1 day shipping). I listen to all types of music so a more versatile pair would be better. I don't want any recession in the mids, or too much bass. Also, imaging is very important to...
  13. JD1993

    Good ~$500 close-eared headphones?

    So I've been looking for a pair of close-eared headphones for around $500 that I can use comfortably in a car or a noisy environment. Comfort and durability is a pretty big deal to me, and good isolation is a definite. I prefer relatively flat headphones, and I really can't stand it if its...
  14. JD1993

    Good $150 Microphones that can be plugged in directly to a computer?

    I'm looking for a good quality microphone that I can plug directly into a computer and have it run well. Any recommendations? 
  15. JD1993

    HiFiman HE-400 DAC/AMP combo?

    So I've been powering my HiFiman HE-400's off of a FiiO e7 Amp/Dac, and it really isn't powering it as fully as it can. What are some good ~$200 DAC/AMP combos that can power the HiFiman HE-400's?
  16. JD1993

    HiFiman He-400/ Sennheiser HD 598 Desktop DAC/AMP ~$200??

    I need to get a more powerful DAC/Amp for my HiFiman HE-400's and my Sennheiser HD598's. Right now I'm using the FiiO E7 DAC/Amp and it works fine, but I am 100% sure that I could get much better for a ~$200 price. I'm looking at the Audioengine D1 and the FiiO E17/FiiO E9K (Paired) to power...
  17. JD1993

    Audioengine D1 vs. FiiO E17/E9K (Paired only)

    I'm looking between these 2 AMP/DAC's for my HiFiman HE-400's and my Sennheiser HD598s. They need to be below $250 or so. And It has to be a USB DAC/AMP. These are the two I am really interested in. Which one is better for those headphones and is an all around better DAC/AMP. Please have tried...
  18. JD1993

    HiFiman HE-400 Replacement cable?

    The white prong in one of the cables for my HiFiman HE-400's broke. I tried to contact them and ask them which ones to get as a replacement, as I've only had them for 5 days, but they haven't responded. What is a good replacement cable for he HE-400's and how much will it cost? I really don't...
  19. JD1993

    Building your own headphones?

    I have a friend who is extremely interested in building a pair of his own headphones just for fun. Could someone please explain everything that would be needed, or give a link that explains this? Thank you very much!
  20. JD1993

    Fiio E9K and FiiO e17 Combo able to power HiFiman HE-400's?

    I just bought a pair of HiFiman HE-400's and they're amazing. I have a FiiO E7 DAC/AMP and though they do power them, I feel I could get MUCH more out of these cans. I heard that the FiiO E17 could power them really well, and I thought why not pair it with the E9K. Does anyone know how this...
  21. JD1993

    Good, clam-shell cases for the HiFiman RE-262's?

    I'm looking for some small, strong, clam-shell cases for my HiFiman RE-262's. If possible, can they be sub $20? Thanks a bunch, everyone!
  22. JD1993

    HiFiman RE-262's. How are they?

    I have been spending the past few months looking for some good, balanced, comfortable IEM's, and I've finally found one that I like the looks of a lot. The HiFiman RE-262's. Before I buy these, can anyone link me a few reviews on them that you feel are accurate and true? (I looked around head-fi...
  23. JD1993

    Etymotics HF-5's vs Klipsch s4i?

    I have been spending the past week or so looking for IEM's around $150. These are the two IEM's that I've liked the most out of the few that I've also been looking at. I listen to all types of music, and I prefer a relatively balanced IEM with good mids. I have a FiiO e7 amp to go along with...
  24. JD1993

    Etymotic HF5 vs. Etymotic MC5 vs. Grado iGi?

    I'm looking to purchase headphones within the sub $130 range. Which of these IEM's do you think is best? Can you recommend other ones if you find one that you think is better? I listen to basically all genres of music.