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  1. vinnievidi

    Help name my band's upcoming EP

    Hey fellow head-fiers    My band Airlift has a new EP coming out in May and for the fun of it we're asking people to help us name it.   Just submit a name in the comments below, and feel free to submit as many as you want. Whoever submits the "winning" name will get a free copy of the...
  2. vinnievidi

    What pisses you off while you listening music?

    Gosh, there's so much above that I can totally agree with. Off the top of my head, my contributions would be: • When the vocals are panned slightly to the left on a recording. • When I'm facing over a terabyte of music and have all the time in the world to explore it, and I get in one of those...
  3. vinnievidi

    IEMs that are most similar to B&W P7

    Has anyone ready anything about the C5 series 2? I just saw it on their site. Big couple weeks for B&W...
  4. vinnievidi

    Ultimate Ears UE 900 Discussion and Impressions Thread

    Thanks for chiming in, Jamey! I imagine they have a team of people who've whipped up some sort of metric that told them it's better business not to deal with you or similar sites. However, that's mighty unfortunate for us the consumer. I mean, their higher tier products are not that easy to find...
  5. vinnievidi

    IEMs that are most similar to B&W P7

    I don't know if it was burn in or just acclimation, but it took a couple days to the sound that I've come to really appreciate. Though, seeing as you liked the demo set, maybe there's something to burning them in. I'm curious to hear your thoughts after a couple days with them. As for being too...
  6. vinnievidi

    IEMs that are most similar to B&W P7

    I'm hoping that someone can help me out. I have a pair of B&W P7 that I absolutely love. By and away, they are my favorite closed headphones. Unfortunately, I can't really wear full-sized headphones at work anymore, so what I'm looking for now is a pair of IEMs that have a similar sound...
  7. vinnievidi

    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    That's one intense rig. I had an old Pioneer from about that same time which paired beautifully with the Denon D7000 I also had. Enjoy!!!     Quote:
  8. vinnievidi

    Best classical headphones for under $800

    Quote:   Yeah, I thought I'd hold the minority position on this. Truthfully, I really think the 650 sounds a lot like the acoustics of Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center. To me, that is a very pleasing sound for string quartettes and other smaller works. I also found them to be nice for...
  9. vinnievidi

    Best classical headphones for under $800

    Quote: I liked it, not as much as the 650. I know a lot of people will challenge me on this, but it all comes down to preference. I think the 600 is really nice for Classical, not sure if it's a "step up" from the K702--that would depend on your ears and whatever emotional reaction you get...
  10. vinnievidi

    Your favourite "not the best" headphones?

    IEMs:  Shure SE425. With a small bump in the bass on my receiver's tone controls, these are pretty stellar. Open: Sennheiser HD650. Closed: Denon D2000
  11. vinnievidi

    Best classical headphones for under $800

    Quote: Hmm... It's possible that the HD650 is on par with the K702 in sound "quality", but it is much more enjoyable IMHO than the AKGs. To me, the HD650 is more like listening to a string performance at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center than listening to the same performance in a vacuum...
  12. vinnievidi

    Grado PS500s (new Grado's)

    Does anyone know of a set of IEMs that are close to the PS500's sound and clarity?
  13. vinnievidi

    Grado PS500s (new Grado's)

    I just put a pair of G-cushions on my PS500. Wow. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to listen to change the sound slightly to better render classical. I think switching between cushions makes the PS500 a very versatile set of headphones. 
  14. vinnievidi

    Battle Of The Flagships (58 Headphones Compared)

    This was an amazing Head-Fi experience, thanks! Will there be future updates--PS500 maybe?
  15. vinnievidi

    Reply to review by 'vinnievidi' on item 'Sennheiser MOMENTUM'

    I plugged mine into an iPhone and didn't particularly notice a "bassy" sound. Actually, after reading the reviews I was more struck by how un-bassy they sounded. I don't have much experience with the M80 so I can't comment, but I thought the MOMENTUM was clearly a Sennheiser headphone. ( if that...
  16. vinnievidi

    Reply to review by 'vinnievidi' on item 'Sennheiser MOMENTUM'

    Same here. I really wanted to love these headphones, but alas, the cup size made them just too uncomfortable. Sold mine and went with the HD650; I have no complaints in the end.
  17. vinnievidi

    Sennheiser Gains New MOMENTUM

    Quote: Yeah, I had the opportunity to get a new pair of HD650 for under 400 from an authorized seller, so I jumped on the chance to move on.  I was thinking of sitting on the Momentum for a week or two but I wanted to use the money for the 650s. Actually, this was the shortest I've ever...
  18. vinnievidi

    Sennheiser Gains New MOMENTUM

    I would say that they are very punchy and distinctive, not muddy at all. The mid-bass has plenty of impact and tone. Speaking of comfort, the Momentum is amazingly light and the leather is very supple. Just based on the fit and finish, they easily have a higher perceived value and look far more...
  19. vinnievidi

    Sennheiser MOMENTUM Review

    I was one of those people who pulled the trigger on the Momentum from razordogdeals; impressions will hopefully be posted later this week.  While the Momentum isn't my preferred sound signature (based on Jude's review), and seems to be less oriented to classical music than I'd like, I'm glad...
  20. vinnievidi

    Sennheiser Gains New MOMENTUM

    Thanks Jude! Good for Sennheiser for recognizing the mass market and giving them a superior product tuned to their taste.   If I had my druthers, I'd take less of a bass bump; but do like my classical on the warm side, and not as sterile as some others like it. Truth be told, I was...
  21. vinnievidi

    Sennheiser Gains New MOMENTUM

    After some more digging around, I found an authorized Sennheiser seller who has the Momentum:  They are now offering $50 off orders of $250 and $100 off orders of $400 and above.  I was able to get the Momentum for $300 with free shipping.  I can post images and impressions...
  22. vinnievidi

    Sennheiser Gains New MOMENTUM

    Quote: Nice, can't wait for your impressions.  Where did you order from?  I've been looking but with no result.
  23. vinnievidi

    Wich are the best headphones under US$1000 for classical music?

    I second the HE500.  But maybe also take a look at the Grado PS500.  It has a touch smaller of a soundstage but makes up for it in clarity. It's an all-round great set for all sub-genres of classical.  Exceptional for chamber and string quartets... also nice for opera.  
  24. vinnievidi

    In-Ear Monitors and Working Out

    Quote: Hear, Hear.  The GR10 is fantastic--I don't think that I would wear mine in the gym though.  I personally like the Apple Dual IEM for the gym and commuting.  They don't sound that lousy and i don't care too much if the cable gets snagged (which they do pretty often).  I do agree with...
  25. vinnievidi

    Harman Kardon HK 3490 receiver. Unlimited power for your phones and a nice DAC to boot?

    Quote: Right?  I think that I'll head to B&H tomorrow for a cheap splitter to test it out.