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  1. noparanoia

    Ultra-Micro fuzzy volume

    I have the problem with fuzzy volume on the Ultra-Micro and I use the "wiping the volume knob backwards and forwards" workaround. However as time goes by the problem gets worse, and the amount of time between me having to do it decreases. Surely doing this every day must be a massive source of...
  2. noparanoia

    Calling Sennheiser reps...

    I want to speak with a Sennheiser rep via PM. I have tried once but got no reply. If you are available to answer my query, please show yourselves...   Best Wishes   Noparanoia (currently experiencing Moreparanoia with every passing minute)  
  3. noparanoia

    Can this damage the amp...?

    The other day I broke my HD650s, the left channel cut out while I was listening. For a small period of time my Ultra Micro stack was playing through just one channel. Can this damage the amp (or the remaining working driver)? Thanks
  4. noparanoia

    HD650 care

    I have HD650 which I use without the foam pads. As a result of this dust (could be dead skin) and the occasional hair get stuck to the clear membrane around the driver. Does this risk damaging the phones or decrease sound quality? 
  5. noparanoia


    I have Ultra-Micro stack with standard power bricks. I am wondering about the Astrodynes. Both their effect and the extent of said effect. The main thing I am interested in is if they will make the music sound more "powerfull". Not in any particular range (I love the balance of my HD650s...
  6. noparanoia

    Ultra Micro DAC, PC audio

    I have been trying for ages to get my new PC to output audio that is as close as perfect as possible (e.g good enough not to be capping the SQ of my expensive Headroom kit). I use optical out, I have tried messing around with ASIO4ALL, Wasapi, Drivers all sorts of stuff but it still sounds dead...