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  1. xtreme4099

    Got a little listening time with the Triadaudio L3 w/Pics aka Lisa3 Lite

    Got a little listening time with the Triadaudio L3 w/Pics aka Lisa3 Lite   My quick impression:   The  bass is more prominent even with the bass contours down on both the Lisa's, slight roll off near the top, Phil mentioned this is to accommodate IEMs, but your highs are there even more...
  2. xtreme4099

    Rap Translated!!! hehe

    Rap Translated from Blackness - Video Brilliant!!!
  3. xtreme4099

    George Wright Sr of Wright Sound Passes Away ...

    I heard this from the another forum, then visited the website just now and noticed the posting. Dear Wright Sound Customers and Friends, It is with great sadness that we report that George Wright went home to be with the Lord on August 21, 2009. He is celebrating with those who have gone on...
  4. xtreme4099

    Hip Hop Violin and DJ

    I'm very impressed, i hope these kids put out a cd sometime. Hip Hip Violin And DJ Video
  5. xtreme4099

    Altec Lansing IM716 earphones at for 49.99

    Link Here: - Altec Lansing High Definition Noise Free Headphone Etymotic Research Earbuds - IM716
  6. xtreme4099

    Anybody try the Bone Conduction Headphone - Alljoy AG110 Amazon seems to sell them for 60 bux, theirs one review, with no details about its sound. This is the first i've heard of this being available to consumers.
  7. xtreme4099

    Review of Ultrasone Sistema Package -Rudistor NX-02 amp and Ultrasone Proline 2500's

    Review for the Sistema (Rudistor NX-02 and Ultrasone PROLine 2500 Headphones) A Funny thing happened on the way to the (audio) forum, no this is not the Richard Lester directed flick with Buster Keaton, about the laziest Roman slave trying to purchase his freedom, but it does a include a...
  8. xtreme4099

    The Darth Vader Sessions .... pretty funny stuff ...
  9. xtreme4099

    Hmm.. Interesting -- Auzentech soundcard has socketed opamps for swappage --

    Looks like someone has taken a cue from us modders in this arena and come out with a socketed sound card. Also seems this is the first DTS certified soundcard as well props to milldog on the IPA forums for this find.
  10. xtreme4099

    Seattle Meet -- Headroom Tour --- and other fun new things...July 30th

    Ive been alerted by Tyll to alert headfiers to join in their Headroom Tour by hosting a meet. Seattle Meet -- Headroom Tour --- and other new goodies ...July 30th Location : My Place ... Whos - Invited -- everyone with a loose screw for audio What to bring - yourself --- and your entire...
  11. xtreme4099

    Modded Emu1212m - w/THS4631 Biased into Class A w/PICs !!!

    ppl and i did some modding to my emu, while ive had the ths4631d opamps running for a while, and was quite happy, he mentioned i could i add 2N5484 jfets to bias it into class A, fun fun, here are the results, as for the sound, more space, heft, bass is tighter and deeper with more punch, these...
  12. xtreme4099

    Possibility? Upgrading the internal clock on the emu1212m

    Possibility? Upgrading the internal clock on the emu1212m -- what options do we have of reducing jitter in the emu1212, now there are 2 quartz on the digital card, none that i see on the analog, now i hear that the separate sync word clock card allows you to use external clocking options, now...
  13. xtreme4099

    Star Wars Episode III Trailer ... woweee this looks good!!!

    lookin good, but can he pull this one off, i was kinda disappointed with the last two.
  14. xtreme4099

    Sound Cuts out in Games with Emu1212, anyone else?

    I know there are supposed people gaming A-Ok with this card, however when playin most games itll play for a couple seconds, start to crackle fizz then cut out, ive heard things about tweaking the latency or something around that, dunno where though. Athlon XP 2500+ WinXP SP1 Nforce2 Board...
  15. xtreme4099

    EMU1212m and WinDVD - DVD-Audio at 96k? Anyone get it working?

    Supposedly the new wdm was supposed to fix that but it only seemed to the play the 48khz track on one of my dvda's, and got nothing at 96khz ..even though i started a session for it in patchmix.
  16. xtreme4099

    Cheapest Retailer or Online Store to get EMU1212m?

    ive heard they go for as low as 165 ..but usually go for 200. any tips?
  17. xtreme4099

    Something Around the Corner - LaRocco Dynamically Biasing Diamond Buffer!!!

    I currently have this in my amp, the first working dyno-bias buffer from phil, current impressions so far, improved midrange detailed, those wanting more vocals-lovin will love this buffer, more detail across the board, more balance and controlled sound, when AB'ing the old vs new, the rmaa...
  18. xtreme4099

    Bose gets into the Car Suspension Business? What??!!!;jsessionid=BvorzMXNunDZeMJ1liBSvrghYhhF Vbl1wg9en3fedppHJG2mRLs6!1879924776!-373760557?event=VIEW_STATIC_PAGE_EVENT&url=/learning/project_sound/suspension_challenge.jsp&pageName=/learning/project_sound/bose_suspension.j cut paste. if that link dont work goto...
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    Pocket Reference with Mini Discrete Diamond Buffer !!!

    Wow. Listening to this little bugger with a phils new discrete buffer for it, a mini diamond buffer for the pocket, suprisingly has all the same slam and just about all the detail of the original diamond buffer in a bite-size, id say its about 85 percent of one. Listening with HD580, 650s...
  20. xtreme4099

    Wow. Japanese Company Invents Disc with 1 Terabyte of Storage!!! they got pics and all, not just fluff it seems.
  21. xtreme4099

    From PPL to DIY Community - PPL's Tube Head ! ;-)

    On Behalf of PPL im posting this for the DIY Community (phil doesnt like dealing with linking and hosting stuff so i pitched in for him) From Phil : Hello Folks, over the past year or so I have been slowly developing my tube Amp. I heavily investigated several different topologies and...
  22. xtreme4099

    Seattle Meet in Binarual Surround Sound!!!!

    Well i recorded 1 hour of meet hoopla with phils iriver hp120 straight to wav with a pair of ratshack condenser mics i soldered and pasted into some old cheapy pair of headphones. From a little DIY project from this site : it turned out rather well...
  23. xtreme4099

    Xperimental Xtreme PPA Version 2.0 (Beware 56ker's)

    We''ll this is my second version of posting about something about my amp that somehow remains xtreme in the sense of its configuration, last time i posted something about it ....back in the day before the diamond buffer ... having installed ultra rare el2009's...
  24. xtreme4099

    The Pillows - Catchy Japanese Rock that rocks!

    Sometimes other countries have kick ***** music too ..heh ... ive listened to this group for a while and thought i share some of the wealth to those who dont know about them yet. The Pillows - Carnival The Pillows - Funny Bunny The Pillows - Ride on Shooting Star Grab These ^ to...
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    Can Anyone Verify This? Blackgate to stop making capacitors in 2005!!!!!

    From a blackgate distributer's_new.htm "The manufacturer is converting the former BlackGate plant to the production of low-voltage organic semiconductor capacitors. It appears that OS capacitors have as much as 30dB greater noise...