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  1. ColdsnapBry

    Smallest DAP with Audiobook Support?

    My Shanling M0 sadly went for a wash while in a jean pocket a bit ago. I wanted to replace it as I use it a lot, but was thinking maybe I could pick up a DAP with audiobook support. I did use the Shanling M0 a lot in the gym tucked into my back pocket since it was so small. Is there a small DAP...
  2. ColdsnapBry

    What headphone should I check out next if I thought the HD6XX wasn't lively enough?

    I feel like my HD6XX that I have, my first hifi purchase, just isn't lively or captive enough for dedicated listening sessions. I think I could listen to them while working / studying for awhile. But when sitting down and focusing just on the music / emotions I think it a bit lacking. What other...
  3. ColdsnapBry

    Any minimal screen portable DAP w/ USB Type C?

    I'm interested in a portable digital audio player with a minimal screen (saving battery life / not having to fuss with album art). USB type C charging is a requirement as I travel a lot and all my devices are USB type C now. I see some F.Audio DAPs have 35 hours playback! Is there any out with...